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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38754 Fuzzy system, fuzzy control system development support apparatus, and method of developing a fuz... Jul. 5, 2005
RE38753 Interconnect structure and method for forming the same Jul. 5, 2005
RE38752 Method of manufacturing a fluorocarbon-based coating film Jul. 5, 2005
RE38751 Foldable tow bar Jul. 5, 2005
RE38750 Fluid valve assembly Jul. 5, 2005
PP15844 Calla lily plant named `Jack of Hearts` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15843 Poinsettia plant named `Duejoker` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15842 Poinsettia plant named `Eckallyn` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15841 Calibrachoa plant named `Wescawhite` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15840 Double Impatiens plant named `Didi Orange Two` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15839 Petunia plant named `Fort Red` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15838 Kalanchoe plant named `Carmen` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15837 Calibrachoa plant named `Wescasuno` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15836 Poinsettia plant named `Wincrea` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15835 Lobelia plant named `Weslospot` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15834 Geranium plant named `Cante Ros` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15833 Calibrachoa plant named `KLEC02060` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15832 Clematis variety `EVIpo013` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15831 Compact floribunda rose plant named `POULac010` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15830 Mini Impatiens plant named `Fify Blushpink Two` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15829 Chrysanthemum plant named `Foxy Yomarjorie` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15828 Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU13` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15827 Coleus plant named `Kakegawa CE5` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15826 Campanula plant named `PKMp03` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15825 Nectarine tree, `Burnectsixteen` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15824 Hybrid tea rose plant named `Intrepid Red` Jul. 5, 2005
PP15823 Petunia plant named `Sunbelkupapi` Jul. 5, 2005
H2120 Biometric personal identification credential system (PICS) Jul. 5, 2005
D507090 Trash can assembly Jul. 5, 2005
D507089 Enclosure for refuse and recyclable containers Jul. 5, 2005
D507088 Fluid containing reservoir Jul. 5, 2005
D507087 Portion of a suction nozzle for a floor care appliance Jul. 5, 2005
D507086 Canister for air filtration system Jul. 5, 2005
D507085 Hand-held vacuum cleaner Jul. 5, 2005
D507084 Pet floatation device Jul. 5, 2005
D507083 Litter scoop Jul. 5, 2005
D507082 Doggie paddle Jul. 5, 2005
D507081 Equestrian picket line tie Jul. 5, 2005
D507080 Combined decorative pet leash and collar Jul. 5, 2005
D507079 Tripod legs and ladder for wildlife feeder Jul. 5, 2005
D507078 Cosmetics compact Jul. 5, 2005
D507077 Nail clippers Jul. 5, 2005
D507076 Cosmetic appliance Jul. 5, 2005
D507075 Applicator for cosmetic products Jul. 5, 2005
D507074 Lip liner Jul. 5, 2005
D507073 Light fixture trim Jul. 5, 2005
D507072 Adjustable arm lamp fixture Jul. 5, 2005
D507071 Lamp Jul. 5, 2005
D507070 Outdoor light Jul. 5, 2005
D507069 Outdoor light Jul. 5, 2005

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