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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D302407 Vase Jul. 25, 1989
D302406 Vase Jul. 25, 1989
D302405 Vase Jul. 25, 1989
D302404 Vase Jul. 25, 1989
D302403 Planter Jul. 25, 1989
D302402 Trophy or similar article Jul. 25, 1989
D302401 Earring fastener Jul. 25, 1989
D302400 Earring Jul. 25, 1989
D302399 Watch dial Jul. 25, 1989
D302398 Whistle Jul. 25, 1989
D302397 Pitot tube type flow measurement device with a crank-operated insert/retract mechanism Jul. 25, 1989
D302396 Tubine rotor Jul. 25, 1989
D302395 Kitchen scale Jul. 25, 1989
D302394 Electromechanical pressure differential gauge/switch Jul. 25, 1989
D302393 Diving meter Jul. 25, 1989
D302392 Coordinate measuring machine Jul. 25, 1989
D302391 Sports watch Jul. 25, 1989
D302390 Dispenser closure Jul. 25, 1989
D302389 Push-button dispensing head Jul. 25, 1989
D302388 Combined liquid dispensing cap and tube Jul. 25, 1989
D302387 Packaging container for faucet handles Jul. 25, 1989
D302386 Perfume bottle Jul. 25, 1989
D302385 Container for liquids with integrally designed cap with flip lid Jul. 25, 1989
D302384 Bottle Jul. 25, 1989
D302383 Doorstop Jul. 25, 1989
D302382 Pin for locking or stopping a sliding window sash Jul. 25, 1989
D302381 Combined chisel and pick tool head Jul. 25, 1989
D302380 Multiple hold-down clamp Jul. 25, 1989
D302379 Utility clamp Jul. 25, 1989
D302378 Pneumatic driver Jul. 25, 1989
D302377 Stapler Jul. 25, 1989
D302376 Egg cooker Jul. 25, 1989
D302375 Electric rice cooker Jul. 25, 1989
D302374 Microwave oven Jul. 25, 1989
D302373 Microwave oven Jul. 25, 1989
D302372 Microwave oven Jul. 25, 1989
D302371 Carafe Jul. 25, 1989
D302370 Vacuum flask Jul. 25, 1989
D302369 Full back tower beverage dispenser Jul. 25, 1989
D302368 Napkin holder Jul. 25, 1989
D302367 Microwave plate cover Jul. 25, 1989
D302366 Table Jul. 25, 1989
D302365 Display case Jul. 25, 1989
D302364 Earrings display stand Jul. 25, 1989
D302363 Multiple user workstation Jul. 25, 1989
D302362 Study module Jul. 25, 1989
D302361 Combined chair and footrest for use when giving childbirth Jul. 25, 1989
D302360 Seat for an infant Jul. 25, 1989
D302359 Hanger unit Jul. 25, 1989
D302358 Spreader for an archery quiver Jul. 25, 1989

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