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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30999 Humidifer drive system Jul. 20, 1982
RE30998 Hot gob detector for controlling a glassware forming machine Jul. 20, 1982
RE30997 Taper headed fastener to increase work fatigue life Jul. 20, 1982
RE30996 Strap tension sensing and cut off mechanism Jul. 20, 1982
PP4868 Rose plant -- Meirilocra variety Jul. 20, 1982
PP4867 Rose plant Jul. 20, 1982
D265519 Continuous sheet material or the like Jul. 20, 1982
D265518 Storage-preventing base for shopping cart Jul. 20, 1982
D265517 Storage cart Jul. 20, 1982
D265516 Horse blanket Jul. 20, 1982
D265515 Dental flossing instrument Jul. 20, 1982
D265514 Hair dryer Jul. 20, 1982
D265513 Lighting fixture Jul. 20, 1982
D265512 Lighting fixture Jul. 20, 1982
D265511 Panel structure Jul. 20, 1982
D265510 Asphalt strip roofing shingle or similar article Jul. 20, 1982
D265509 Elongated ceiling panel or similar article Jul. 20, 1982
D265508 Combined bottle neck clamp and tube holder Jul. 20, 1982
D265507 Prosthetic nail Jul. 20, 1982
D265506 Tongue scraper Jul. 20, 1982
D265505 Electronic sphygmomanometer Jul. 20, 1982
D265504 Otoscope Jul. 20, 1982
D265503 Housing for power blower Jul. 20, 1982
D265502 Ceiling fan Jul. 20, 1982
D265501 Deodorant dispenser for a toilet tank or the like Jul. 20, 1982
D265500 Fireplace unit Jul. 20, 1982
D265499 Fireplace Jul. 20, 1982
D265498 Combined spout and water control handles Jul. 20, 1982
D265497 Fishing reel Jul. 20, 1982
D265496 Fishing rod handle Jul. 20, 1982
D265495 Roller skate Jul. 20, 1982
D265494 Golf club head Jul. 20, 1982
D265493 Body-mounted basketball ball shooting aid Jul. 20, 1982
D265492 Doll Jul. 20, 1982
D265491 Toy animal Jul. 20, 1982
D265490 Toy seal Jul. 20, 1982
D265489 Toy glider Jul. 20, 1982
D265488 Toy blimp Jul. 20, 1982
D265487 Ball transferring game board Jul. 20, 1982
D265486 Clapper slate Jul. 20, 1982
D265485 Display sign holder Jul. 20, 1982
D265484 Illuminated sign with channels for moveable character plates Jul. 20, 1982
D265483 Electronic organ Jul. 20, 1982
D265482 Telescope Jul. 20, 1982
D265481 Tripod head Jul. 20, 1982
D265480 Photoprocessor Jul. 20, 1982
D265479 Combined binocular and detachable camera Jul. 20, 1982
D265478 Portable telephone equipment cabinet chassis Jul. 20, 1982
D265477 Loudspeaker Jul. 20, 1982
D265476 Racing car control panel Jul. 20, 1982

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