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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D360380 Artificial tree Jul. 18, 1995
D360379 Novelty artificial flower Jul. 18, 1995
D360378 Token Jul. 18, 1995
D360377 Finger ring Jul. 18, 1995
D360376 Gemstone Jul. 18, 1995
D360375 Timepiece face Jul. 18, 1995
D360374 Housing for a smoke detector Jul. 18, 1995
D360373 Housing for a smoke detector Jul. 18, 1995
D360372 Housing for a smoke detector Jul. 18, 1995
D360371 Level Jul. 18, 1995
D360370 Wind detector Jul. 18, 1995
D360369 Watch Jul. 18, 1995
D360368 Alarm clock with multiple displays and alarms Jul. 18, 1995
D360367 Replica battery clock Jul. 18, 1995
D360366 Love clock Jul. 18, 1995
D360365 Astronomical time clock Jul. 18, 1995
D360364 Combined clock and picture frame Jul. 18, 1995
D360363 Bottle Jul. 18, 1995
D360362 Carrier for bottles Jul. 18, 1995
D360361 Beverage container lid Jul. 18, 1995
D360360 Package for a compact disc Jul. 18, 1995
D360359 Pill container Jul. 18, 1995
D360358 Product accessible display container Jul. 18, 1995
D360357 Handle and cover combination Jul. 18, 1995
D360356 Wheel for guiding a ladder against a structure Jul. 18, 1995
D360355 Wreath hook Jul. 18, 1995
D360354 Cord rewinder Jul. 18, 1995
D360353 Tie down eyelet Jul. 18, 1995
D360352 Face plate with two jack openings Jul. 18, 1995
D360351 Face plate with six jack openings Jul. 18, 1995
D360350 Face plate with four jack openings Jul. 18, 1995
D360349 Face plate with three jack openings Jul. 18, 1995
D360348 Color combination lock Jul. 18, 1995
D360347 Fire hydrant lock Jul. 18, 1995
D360346 Insulating cover for a handle Jul. 18, 1995
D360345 Combined handle and lock unit Jul. 18, 1995
D360344 Screwdriver handle Jul. 18, 1995
D360343 Gardening tool Jul. 18, 1995
D360342 Tool handle with interchangeable shovel blade Jul. 18, 1995
D360341 Bush cutter Jul. 18, 1995
D360340 Ice bucket Jul. 18, 1995
D360339 Glass Jul. 18, 1995
D360338 Two-piece water bottle Jul. 18, 1995
D360337 Cup with pompon and pompon cover Jul. 18, 1995
D360336 Lid for food tray Jul. 18, 1995
D360335 Expansible cyclone stove Jul. 18, 1995
D360334 Plastic reusable container Jul. 18, 1995
D360333 Coffee maker Jul. 18, 1995
D360332 Water dispenser Jul. 18, 1995
D360331 Grinder brewer Jul. 18, 1995

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