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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D360480 Flashlight Jul. 18, 1995
D360479 Illuminated vehicle tag Jul. 18, 1995
D360478 Carrot nightlight Jul. 18, 1995
D360477 Conical fluorescent lamp housing Jul. 18, 1995
D360476 Snow guard Jul. 18, 1995
D360475 Retaining wall facade Jul. 18, 1995
D360474 Sweetheart arbor Jul. 18, 1995
D360473 Housing for an awning Jul. 18, 1995
D360472 Screen door Jul. 18, 1995
D360471 Portable toilet cabana Jul. 18, 1995
D360470 Rolling swivel wand massager Jul. 18, 1995
D360469 Spa chamber Jul. 18, 1995
D360468 Neonatal nipple Jul. 18, 1995
D360467 Wrist support Jul. 18, 1995
D360466 Utility box for housing and supporting dental equipment Jul. 18, 1995
D360465 Ophthalmic laser treatment machine Jul. 18, 1995
D360464 Gas separating filter Jul. 18, 1995
D360463 Surgical contractor for the closure of skin defects Jul. 18, 1995
D360462 Hand-held power syringe Jul. 18, 1995
D360461 Portable air freshener Jul. 18, 1995
D360460 Wet dust collector for use in a metal working facility Jul. 18, 1995
D360459 Breather to clean and dehumidify air from power transformers Jul. 18, 1995
D360458 Front panel for a room air conditioner Jul. 18, 1995
D360457 Double ended air hose Jul. 18, 1995
D360456 Fuel regulator Jul. 18, 1995
D360455 Fishing rod holder Jul. 18, 1995
D360454 Air gun sight Jul. 18, 1995
D360453 Juggling stick Jul. 18, 1995
D360452 Combined swimming belt and tether Jul. 18, 1995
D360451 Golf club support Jul. 18, 1995
D360450 Divot tool Jul. 18, 1995
D360449 Bumper tire for bowling ball return machine Jul. 18, 1995
D360448 Roller-skate Jul. 18, 1995
D360447 Biofeedback training device for golf club handle Jul. 18, 1995
D360446 Putting alignment aid Jul. 18, 1995
D360445 Iron golf club head Jul. 18, 1995
D360444 Golf club head Jul. 18, 1995
D360443 Hockey blade Jul. 18, 1995
D360442 Physical exerciser Jul. 18, 1995
D360441 Foot pedal for a physical exerciser Jul. 18, 1995
D360440 Exercise harness Jul. 18, 1995
D360439 Toy projectile launcher Jul. 18, 1995
D360438 Toy motor housing Jul. 18, 1995
D360437 Butterfly spring toy Jul. 18, 1995
D360436 Game control pad Jul. 18, 1995
D360435 Toy collapsible structure Jul. 18, 1995
D360434 Container for storing disks Jul. 18, 1995
D360433 Writing instrument Jul. 18, 1995
D360432 Writing instrument Jul. 18, 1995
D360431 Document sheet with apertures for cards Jul. 18, 1995

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