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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30995 High integrity CoCrAl(Y) coated nickel-base superalloys Jul. 13, 1982
RE30994 Vertical axis hermetic rotary helical screw compressor with improved rotary bearings and oil man... Jul. 13, 1982
RE30993 General purpose compression-type sprayer Jul. 13, 1982
RE30992 Control units for vehicle powersteering mechanisms Jul. 13, 1982
PP4866 Variety of grapevine Jul. 13, 1982
PP4865 Freestone peach Jul. 13, 1982
D265434 Wood storing cart Jul. 13, 1982
D265433 Dog hurdle Jul. 13, 1982
D265432 Soap container Jul. 13, 1982
D265431 Electric dry shaver Jul. 13, 1982
D265430 Cigarette lighter Jul. 13, 1982
D265429 Lampshade Jul. 13, 1982
D265428 Lamp Jul. 13, 1982
D265427 Battery operated lantern Jul. 13, 1982
D265426 Building structure Jul. 13, 1982
D265425 Collapsible mobile work platform having telescopic legs Jul. 13, 1982
D265424 Building Jul. 13, 1982
D265423 I.V. Bandage Jul. 13, 1982
D265422 Multicompartment ice bag with attaching means Jul. 13, 1982
D265421 Spatula attachment for a dental tool Jul. 13, 1982
D265420 Stove Jul. 13, 1982
D265419 Stove Jul. 13, 1982
D265418 Hose coupling Jul. 13, 1982
D265417 Fish lure Jul. 13, 1982
D265416 Insect storing toy Jul. 13, 1982
D265415 Game table for cue-driven balls Jul. 13, 1982
D265414 Roller skate base plate Jul. 13, 1982
D265413 Tennis rebound board Jul. 13, 1982
D265412 Exercise treadmill Jul. 13, 1982
D265411 Exercise board Jul. 13, 1982
D265410 Toy food processor base Jul. 13, 1982
D265409 Covered foam disk for amusement purposes Jul. 13, 1982
D265408 Game board Jul. 13, 1982
D265407 Hand-held electronic football game housing or the like Jul. 13, 1982
D265406 Target for a game Jul. 13, 1982
D265405 Guitar Jul. 13, 1982
D265404 Ornament for an organ or the like Jul. 13, 1982
D265403 Motorcycle by-pass oil cooler Jul. 13, 1982
D265402 Transceiver for a car telephone set Jul. 13, 1982
D265401 Telephone stand Jul. 13, 1982
D265400 Loud speaker cabinet Jul. 13, 1982
D265399 Loud speaker cabinet Jul. 13, 1982
D265398 Combined tuner and tape deck Jul. 13, 1982
D265397 Combined raisable rear deck panel, window and roof for an automobile Jul. 13, 1982
D265396 Pneumatic tire tread and buttress Jul. 13, 1982
D265395 Pneumatic tire tread and buttress Jul. 13, 1982
D265394 Pneumatic tire tread and buttress Jul. 13, 1982
D265393 Pneumatic tire tread and buttress Jul. 13, 1982
D265392 Golf bag cart Jul. 13, 1982
D265391 Mobile support for swimming pool cover reels Jul. 13, 1982

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