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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE42551 Block locking apparatus for flash memory Jul. 12, 2011
RE42550 Method and apparatus for portable digital entertainment system Jul. 12, 2011
RE42549 Method for protecting of data, reproduction according to both transmitted protection data and ap... Jul. 12, 2011
RE42548 Contents distributing method and contents distributing program Jul. 12, 2011
RE42547 Navigation apparatus, navigation method, and navigation program Jul. 12, 2011
RE42546 Method and system for target localization Jul. 12, 2011
RE42545 Polyaxial pedicle screw having a threaded and tapered compression locking mechanism Jul. 12, 2011
RE42544 Golf club head Jul. 12, 2011
RE42543 GPS satellite signal acquisition assistance system and method in a wireless communications netwo... Jul. 12, 2011
RE42542 Low-cost circuit board materials and processes for area array electrical interconnections over a... Jul. 12, 2011
RE42541 Image transfer sheet Jul. 12, 2011
RE42540 Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer incorporating sets of diffractive elements Jul. 12, 2011
RE42539 Network and method for providing a calling name telecommunications service with automatic speech... Jul. 12, 2011
RE42538 System and method for signal synchronization in a communication system Jul. 12, 2011
RE42537 Apparatus for controlling multi-mode radio access and method for the same Jul. 12, 2011
RE42536 High bandwidth delivery and internet access for airborne passengers Jul. 12, 2011
RE42535 Optical disc drive and method of examining the optical disc drive Jul. 12, 2011
RE42534 Bicubic surface real-time tesselation unit Jul. 12, 2011
RE42533 Capacitatively shunted quadrifilar helix antenna Jul. 12, 2011
RE42532 Synchronous-rectified DC to DC converter with improved current sensing Jul. 12, 2011
RE42531 Removably replaceable, readherable label Jul. 12, 2011
RE42530 Device using a metal-insulator transition Jul. 12, 2011
RE42529 Thermal flow rate measuring device Jul. 12, 2011
PP22031 Tiarella plant named `Lehigh` Jul. 12, 2011
PP22030 Diascia plant named `Dew Drops` Jul. 12, 2011
PP22029 Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Orngise` Jul. 12, 2011
PP22028 Calibrachoa plant named `Suncalkulemo` Jul. 12, 2011
PP22027 Geranium plant named `Fiwobic` Jul. 12, 2011
PP22026 Alstroemeria plant named `Jaofi` Jul. 12, 2011
PP22025 Hydrangea plant named `PEACE` Jul. 12, 2011
PP22024 Pittosporum plant named `Conpitto` Jul. 12, 2011
D641535 Apple shaped coin bank Jul. 12, 2011
D641534 Base for adjustable pedestal Jul. 12, 2011
D641533 Reverse arm patient lift pendant Jul. 12, 2011
D641532 Shopping cart Jul. 12, 2011
D641531 Pull cart Jul. 12, 2011
D641530 Receptacle for picking up lawn debris Jul. 12, 2011
D641529 Debris collection system Jul. 12, 2011
D641528 Sanitizer device Jul. 12, 2011
D641527 Cleaning sponge Jul. 12, 2011
D641526 Animal restrainer Jul. 12, 2011
D641525 Glove Jul. 12, 2011
D641524 Safety harness Jul. 12, 2011
D641523 Floss container Jul. 12, 2011
D641522 Contoured floss holder Jul. 12, 2011
D641521 Hand-held electric hair dryer Jul. 12, 2011
D641520 LED downlight with trim and spacers Jul. 12, 2011
D641519 Book light frame Jul. 12, 2011
D641518 Luminaire Jul. 12, 2011
D641517 Luminaire Jul. 12, 2011

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