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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D444651 Table Jul. 10, 2001
D444650 Table Jul. 10, 2001
D444649 Bridal stand Jul. 10, 2001
D444648 Chest of drawers Jul. 10, 2001
D444647 Furniture Jul. 10, 2001
D444646 Display stand Jul. 10, 2001
D444645 Bulk foods display and dispensing unit Jul. 10, 2001
D444644 Bed Jul. 10, 2001
D444643 Bed Jul. 10, 2001
D444642 Loveseat Jul. 10, 2001
D444641 Seat Jul. 10, 2001
D444640 Loveseat Jul. 10, 2001
D444639 Sofa Jul. 10, 2001
D444638 Chair Jul. 10, 2001
D444637 Chair Jul. 10, 2001
D444636 Seat for barber or beauty chair Jul. 10, 2001
D444635 Glider frame with cantilever arms Jul. 10, 2001
D444634 Free standing adjustable height mirror Jul. 10, 2001
D444633 Mobile adapted to display photographs Jul. 10, 2001
D444632 Photo transparency displayed in an edible chocolate frame Jul. 10, 2001
D444631 Sheet material Jul. 10, 2001
D444630 Fabric Jul. 10, 2001
D444629 Set of bristles for a brush Jul. 10, 2001
D444628 Skimmer protector Jul. 10, 2001
D444627 Duffel Jul. 10, 2001
D444626 Storage box Jul. 10, 2001
D444625 Storage and carrying bag Jul. 10, 2001
D444624 Shoe upper Jul. 10, 2001
D444623 Shoe upper Jul. 10, 2001
D444622 Shoe upper Jul. 10, 2001
D444621 Shoe upper Jul. 10, 2001
D444620 Sole for footwear Jul. 10, 2001
D444619 Shoe sole Jul. 10, 2001
D444618 Seamless baseball cap Jul. 10, 2001
D444617 Teether bib Jul. 10, 2001
D444616 Underwear Jul. 10, 2001
D444615 Pet food treat Jul. 10, 2001
D444614 Candy mint Jul. 10, 2001
D444613 Hollow chocolate candy member with message therein Jul. 10, 2001
D444612 Pet food treat Jul. 10, 2001
D444611 Candy Jul. 10, 2001
6260195 Cable television system and terminal device for cable television system Jul. 10, 2001
6260194 Information handling for interactive apparatus Jul. 10, 2001
6260193 Synchronization of decoders in a bi-directional CATV network Jul. 10, 2001
6260192 Filtering system based on pattern of usage Jul. 10, 2001
6260191 User controlled relaxation of optimization constraints related to volatile memory references Jul. 10, 2001
6260190 Unified compiler framework for control and data speculation with recovery code Jul. 10, 2001
6260189 Compiler-controlled dynamic instruction dispatch in pipelined processors Jul. 10, 2001
6260188 Control model Jul. 10, 2001
6260187 System for modifying object oriented code Jul. 10, 2001

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