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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D444702 Sectioned comestible jar Jul. 10, 2001
D444701 Bottle portion Jul. 10, 2001
D444700 Flask Jul. 10, 2001
D444699 Rectangular panel fastener Jul. 10, 2001
D444698 Carrier for a control system in an architectural covering Jul. 10, 2001
D444697 Container securing bracket Jul. 10, 2001
D444696 Luggage bezel Jul. 10, 2001
D444695 Knob Jul. 10, 2001
D444694 Latch handle and plate Jul. 10, 2001
D444693 Punch down tool handle Jul. 10, 2001
D444692 Tool handle Jul. 10, 2001
D444691 Culinary knife maintenance and sharpening steel Jul. 10, 2001
D444690 Crowbar Jul. 10, 2001
D444689 Hammer grip Jul. 10, 2001
D444688 Hand held power tool Jul. 10, 2001
D444687 Extra large ring duck-billed napping scissors Jul. 10, 2001
D444686 Can opener Jul. 10, 2001
D444685 Carabiner bottle opener keychain Jul. 10, 2001
D444684 Tree branch cutting saw Jul. 10, 2001
D444683 Cup holder Jul. 10, 2001
D444682 Pumpkin cookie die Jul. 10, 2001
D444681 Napkin dispenser Jul. 10, 2001
D444680 Combined container and cover Jul. 10, 2001
D444679 Container with pour spout and bottom closure Jul. 10, 2001
D444678 Combined mini box stereo and t.v. cooler Jul. 10, 2001
D444677 Tray with recessed grip for left or right-handed waiters Jul. 10, 2001
D444676 Multi-use dish Jul. 10, 2001
D444675 Tumbler Jul. 10, 2001
D444674 Tea cup Jul. 10, 2001
D444673 Dual wall coffee mug with docking station Jul. 10, 2001
D444672 Cup for beverages or foods Jul. 10, 2001
D444671 Door for a merchandise display Jul. 10, 2001
D444670 Container lid with rotating door Jul. 10, 2001
D444669 Manual pasta machine Jul. 10, 2001
D444668 Electrically operated wet and dry food grinder Jul. 10, 2001
D444667 Grill Jul. 10, 2001
D444666 Electric deep fryer with divider Jul. 10, 2001
D444665 Cooking apparatus Jul. 10, 2001
D444664 Cooker Jul. 10, 2001
D444663 Grill Jul. 10, 2001
D444662 Filtered water pitcher Jul. 10, 2001
D444661 Vane for use in coverings for architectural openings Jul. 10, 2001
D444660 Vane for use in coverings for architectural openings Jul. 10, 2001
D444659 Vane for use in coverings for architectural openings Jul. 10, 2001
D444658 Vane with single flat tail for use in coverings for architectural openings Jul. 10, 2001
D444657 Tiered shelf array for wall panel-shelf system Jul. 10, 2001
D444656 Expandable shelf Jul. 10, 2001
D444655 Expandable shelf Jul. 10, 2001
D444654 Hutch Jul. 10, 2001
D444653 Modular chair component Jul. 10, 2001

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