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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE37277 Tibial prosthetic implant with offset stem Jul. 10, 2001
RE37276 Method and arrangement for handling a mobile telephone subscriber administered in different mobi... Jul. 10, 2001
RE37275 Food slices and method for making same Jul. 10, 2001
RE37274 Method for nutritional oxygenation of the skin Jul. 10, 2001
RE37273 Synchronous semiconductor device with discontinued functions at power down Jul. 10, 2001
RE37272 Image communication apparatus having a function for dividing and outputting an image Jul. 10, 2001
RE37270 Liquid crystal phase Jul. 10, 2001
RE37269 Air intake arrangement for internal combustion engine Jul. 10, 2001
RE37268 Adjusting cylinder of a camshaft adjusting device acted upon by a separate oil supply unit Jul. 10, 2001
RE37267 Combine harvester with secondary cutter Jul. 10, 2001
PP11988 Hibiscus plant named `Audrey Mari` Jul. 10, 2001
PP11987 Kentucky bluegrass designated `Ba75-173` Jul. 10, 2001
PP11986 Spathiphyllum plant named `Connie` Jul. 10, 2001
PP11985 Ornithogalum plant named `Tipper` Jul. 10, 2001
PP11984 Double impatiens plant named `Cameo White` Jul. 10, 2001
PP11983 Sutera plant named `Olympic Gold` Jul. 10, 2001
PP11982 Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoroxanne` Jul. 10, 2001
PP11981 Poinsettia plant named `Eckadolfo` Jul. 10, 2001
PP11980 Argyranthemum plant named `Sugar Button` Jul. 10, 2001
D444933 Cremation remains container Jul. 10, 2001
D444932 Cremation urn Jul. 10, 2001
D444931 Handle for a golf pull-cart Jul. 10, 2001
D444930 Display and storage case having hinged lid with false drawerfronts Jul. 10, 2001
D444929 Paint bucket with brush wiping lip and finger grip Jul. 10, 2001
D444928 Dispensing and washing apparatus Jul. 10, 2001
D444927 Basket for clothes Jul. 10, 2001
D444926 Tool carrier for a hand held vacuum cleaner Jul. 10, 2001
D444925 Pet grooming vacuum attachment Jul. 10, 2001
D444924 Combined pet vacuum and grooming device Jul. 10, 2001
D444923 Pet garment Jul. 10, 2001
D444922 Pet food container Jul. 10, 2001
D444921 Small animal enclosure Jul. 10, 2001
D444920 Face mask for a helmet Jul. 10, 2001
D444919 Welding helmet Jul. 10, 2001
D444918 Belt-attached cushion Jul. 10, 2001
D444917 Lip balm container Jul. 10, 2001
D444916 Shower wall mounted back scrubber Jul. 10, 2001
D444915 Straight edge razor with rotating finger rest Jul. 10, 2001
D444914 Detergent tablet Jul. 10, 2001
D444913 Multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick Jul. 10, 2001
D444912 Pocket torch lighter Jul. 10, 2001
D444911 Wall fixture mounting base Jul. 10, 2001
D444910 Wall fixture mounting base Jul. 10, 2001
D444909 Chandelier Jul. 10, 2001
D444908 Glass shade Jul. 10, 2001
D444907 Table lamp Jul. 10, 2001
D444906 Lamp Jul. 10, 2001
D444905 Wall lamp Jul. 10, 2001
D444904 Light fixture Jul. 10, 2001
D444903 UCL luminaire Jul. 10, 2001

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