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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D436917 Battery pack Jan. 30, 2001
D436916 Visor organizer with slip-in pouches Jan. 30, 2001
D436915 Truck bed rack Jan. 30, 2001
D436914 Vehicle wheel Jan. 30, 2001
D436913 Vehicle-wheel front face Jan. 30, 2001
D436912 Front face of a vehicle wheel Jan. 30, 2001
D436911 Automotive wheel Jan. 30, 2001
D436910 Vehicle-wheel front face Jan. 30, 2001
D436909 Vehicle-wheel front face Jan. 30, 2001
D436908 Wheel Jan. 30, 2001
D436907 Front face of a vehicle wheel Jan. 30, 2001
D436906 Automotive instrument panel Jan. 30, 2001
D436905 Rear spoiler for a vehicle Jan. 30, 2001
D436904 Disc brake caliper Jan. 30, 2001
D436903 Motorcycle brake or clutch lever Jan. 30, 2001
D436902 Airbag shield Jan. 30, 2001
D436901 Trailer hitch Jan. 30, 2001
D436900 Tire tread Jan. 30, 2001
D436899 Baby stroller Jan. 30, 2001
D436898 Bicycle display Jan. 30, 2001
D436897 Tricycle Jan. 30, 2001
D436896 Tricycle Jan. 30, 2001
D436895 Dune buggy body Jan. 30, 2001
D436894 Roof for a truck Jan. 30, 2001
D436893 Fire engine Jan. 30, 2001
D436892 Snowmobile track Jan. 30, 2001
D436891 Trolley boat Jan. 30, 2001
D436890 Cartoon-like figurine Jan. 30, 2001
D436889 Yard and garden ornament Jan. 30, 2001
D436888 Potted plant support Jan. 30, 2001
D436887 Pot with an adjustable mouthpiece Jan. 30, 2001
D436886 Yard and garden ornament Jan. 30, 2001
D436885 Jewelry setting Jan. 30, 2001
D436884 Ring Jan. 30, 2001
D436883 Ring Jan. 30, 2001
D436882 Windchime Jan. 30, 2001
D436881 Vehicle parking indicator light Jan. 30, 2001
D436880 Balloon signal unit Jan. 30, 2001
D436879 Electronic marker Jan. 30, 2001
D436878 Child monitoring device Jan. 30, 2001
D436877 Car garage door opener Jan. 30, 2001
D436876 Mass flow controller Jan. 30, 2001
D436875 Foot scale Jan. 30, 2001
D436874 Durometer Jan. 30, 2001
D436873 Angular measuring scale Jan. 30, 2001
D436872 Measuring scale Jan. 30, 2001
D436871 Connector with instruments Jan. 30, 2001
D436870 Portion of a glove fitting device Jan. 30, 2001
D436869 Wrist-watch Jan. 30, 2001
D436868 Clock Jan. 30, 2001

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