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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D501108 Accessory post Jan. 25, 2005
D501107 Towel bar bracket Jan. 25, 2005
D501106 Door caddy Jan. 25, 2005
D501105 Portion of mesh drawer and frame Jan. 25, 2005
D501104 Dry bar Jan. 25, 2005
D501103 Table Jan. 25, 2005
D501102 Storage unit assembly Jan. 25, 2005
D501101 Floor cabinet Jan. 25, 2005
D501100 Floor cabinet Jan. 25, 2005
D501099 Armoire Jan. 25, 2005
D501098 Entertainment deck cabinet Jan. 25, 2005
D501097 Reclining chair body Jan. 25, 2005
D501096 Baby seat Jan. 25, 2005
D501095 Seating arrangement Jan. 25, 2005
D501094 Pinch grip hanger Jan. 25, 2005
D501093 Coat hanger Jan. 25, 2005
D501092 Garment hanger Jan. 25, 2005
D501091 Camouflage pattern applied to material Jan. 25, 2005
D501090 Camouflage pattern applied to material Jan. 25, 2005
D501089 Paper product Jan. 25, 2005
D501088 Broom Jan. 25, 2005
D501087 Brush Jan. 25, 2005
D501086 Brush handle Jan. 25, 2005
D501085 Cleaning implement Jan. 25, 2005
D501084 Portion of a toothbrush Jan. 25, 2005
D501083 Storage device Jan. 25, 2005
D501082 Handbag Jan. 25, 2005
D501081 Handbag Jan. 25, 2005
D501080 Straight saw scabbard Jan. 25, 2005
D501079 Hand held soft case for high tech electronic equipment Jan. 25, 2005
D501078 Adjustable belt with removable suspension system Jan. 25, 2005
D501077 School supply box Jan. 25, 2005
D501076 Side element of a shoe upper Jan. 25, 2005
D501075 Shoe Jan. 25, 2005
D501074 Shoe Jan. 25, 2005
D501073 Boot upper Jan. 25, 2005
D501072 Footwear upper Jan. 25, 2005
D501071 Footwear upper Jan. 25, 2005
D501070 Footwear upper Jan. 25, 2005
D501069 Sneaker Jan. 25, 2005
D501068 Cap Jan. 25, 2005
D501067 Hat Jan. 25, 2005
D501066 Fitter glove Jan. 25, 2005
6848117 Video-on-demand system capable of performing a high-speed playback at a correct speed Jan. 25, 2005
6848116 Method and apparatus for on-demand video program access control using integrated out-of-band sig... Jan. 25, 2005
6848115 Optical recording medium using scattering bodies to enhance modulation Jan. 25, 2005
6848114 Bulk access system for a data storage system Jan. 25, 2005
6848113 Optical media pick and process Jan. 25, 2005
6848112 Tray locking apparatus used with a disc drive Jan. 25, 2005
6848111 Zero overhead exception handling Jan. 25, 2005

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