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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30852 Electronic timepiece Jan. 19, 1982
RE30851 Method for producing low-carbon cold rolled steel sheet having excellent cold working properties... Jan. 19, 1982
RE30850 Self-retaining conduit anchoring device Jan. 19, 1982
RE30849 Anti-siphon and backflow prevention valve Jan. 19, 1982
RE30848 Hand tool for joining objects Jan. 19, 1982
PP4810 Poinsettia named V-10 Marble Jan. 19, 1982
PP4809 Poinsettia named V-10 White Jan. 19, 1982
PP4808 Poinsettia named V-14 Pink Jan. 19, 1982
PP4807 Chrysanthemum named Hawkeye Jan. 19, 1982
PP4806 Kalanchoe named Warrior Jan. 19, 1982
PP4805 Crossandra infundibuliformis `Diane` Jan. 19, 1982
PP4804 Ilex plant--Mesan variety Jan. 19, 1982
PP4803 Ilex plant--Mesdob variety Jan. 19, 1982
PP4802 Burn-resistant Japanese Yew Jan. 19, 1982
PP4801 Apple tree Jan. 19, 1982
PP4800 Compact Cortland apple tree--LaMont cultivar Jan. 19, 1982
PP4799 Rose plant Jan. 19, 1982
PP4798 Rose plant--JP 435 Jan. 19, 1982
PP4797 Rose plant Jan. 19, 1982
PP4796 Rose plant Jan. 19, 1982
D262749 Coin receptacle Jan. 19, 1982
D262748 Fabric or the like Jan. 19, 1982
D262747 Paper toweling or similar article Jan. 19, 1982
D262746 Animal feeder Jan. 19, 1982
D262745 Lighter Jan. 19, 1982
D262744 Lighter Jan. 19, 1982
D262743 Lamp Jan. 19, 1982
D262742 Pavement block Jan. 19, 1982
D262741 Microbiological closure Jan. 19, 1982
D262740 Cutting wire for plaster-of-paris bandage Jan. 19, 1982
D262739 Combined syringe barrel, needle hood and cap therefor Jan. 19, 1982
D262738 Blood flow detector Jan. 19, 1982
D262737 Dental air motor Jan. 19, 1982
D262736 Fan blade Jan. 19, 1982
D262735 Fan Jan. 19, 1982
D262734 Fan spider Jan. 19, 1982
D262733 Combined toilet seat and cover, or similar article Jan. 19, 1982
D262732 Rodent trap Jan. 19, 1982
D262731 Hunter's knife Jan. 19, 1982
D262730 Exercise bar for physical exerciser Jan. 19, 1982
D262729 Toy airplane Jan. 19, 1982
D262728 Toy desk Jan. 19, 1982
D262727 Holder tray for game pieces or the like Jan. 19, 1982
D262726 Game dice Jan. 19, 1982
D262725 Game die Jan. 19, 1982
D262724 Game board Jan. 19, 1982
D262723 Electronic soccer game housing Jan. 19, 1982
D262722 Electronic basketball game housing Jan. 19, 1982
D262721 Electronic soccer game housing Jan. 19, 1982
D262720 Electronic basketball game housing Jan. 19, 1982

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