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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6845477 Semiconductor test device for conducting an operation test in parallel on many chips in a wafer ... Jan. 18, 2005
6845476 Method for testing a non-volatile memory Jan. 18, 2005
6845475 Method and apparatus for error detection Jan. 18, 2005
6845474 Problem detector and method Jan. 18, 2005
6845473 Method of verifying defect management area information of optical disc Jan. 18, 2005
6845472 Memory sub-system error cleansing Jan. 18, 2005
6845471 Apparatus for and method of action synchronization for software reproducibility Jan. 18, 2005
6845470 Method and system to identify a memory corruption source within a multiprocessor system Jan. 18, 2005
6845469 Method for managing an uncorrectable, unrecoverable data error (UE) as the UE passes through a p... Jan. 18, 2005
6845468 Aircraft fault monitoring system and method Jan. 18, 2005
6845467 System and method of operation of dual redundant controllers Jan. 18, 2005
6845466 Managing disk drive replacements on mulitidisk headless appliances Jan. 18, 2005
6845465 Method and system for leveraging spares in a data storage system including a plurality of disk d... Jan. 18, 2005
6845464 Performing operating system recovery from external back-up media in a headless computer entity Jan. 18, 2005
6845463 System for contracting out part of accepted request Jan. 18, 2005
6845462 Computer containing clock source using a PLL synthesizer Jan. 18, 2005
6845461 High-speed bus with embedded clock signals Jan. 18, 2005
6845460 Device and system for adjusting delay in a data path based on comparison of data from a latch an... Jan. 18, 2005
6845459 System and method to provide tight locking for DLL and PLL with large range, and dynamic trackin... Jan. 18, 2005
6845458 System and method of operation of DLL and PLL to provide tight locking with large range, and dyn... Jan. 18, 2005
6845457 Method and apparatus for controlling transitions between a first and a second clock frequency Jan. 18, 2005
6845456 CPU utilization measurement techniques for use in power management Jan. 18, 2005
6845455 Wallet detachable retaining a personal information device and receiving a wake signal and a stay... Jan. 18, 2005
6845454 System and method for selecting between a high and low speed clock in response to a decoded powe... Jan. 18, 2005
6845453 Multiple factor-based user identification and authentication Jan. 18, 2005
6845452 Providing security for external access to a protected computer network Jan. 18, 2005
6845451 System, method and program for implementing logon assignments and preferences for users in a het... Jan. 18, 2005
6845450 Display unit storing and using a cryptography key Jan. 18, 2005
6845449 System and method for fast nested message authentication codes and error correction codes Jan. 18, 2005
6845448 Online repository for personal information Jan. 18, 2005
6845447 Electronic voting method and system and recording medium having recorded thereon a program for i... Jan. 18, 2005
6845446 Programmable data bus Jan. 18, 2005
6845445 Methods and apparatus for power control in a scalable array of processor elements Jan. 18, 2005
6845444 Method and apparatus for reducing strapping devices Jan. 18, 2005
6845443 Method of processing a repeat block efficiently in a processor wherein the repeat count is not d... Jan. 18, 2005
6845442 System and method of using speculative operand sources in order to speculatively bypass load-sto... Jan. 18, 2005
6845441 User initiated microcode modification Jan. 18, 2005
6845440 System for preventing memory usage conflicts when generating and merging computer architecture t... Jan. 18, 2005
6845439 Method and system for accessing an expanded SCB array Jan. 18, 2005
6845438 Method for controlling non-volatile semiconductor memory system by using look up table Jan. 18, 2005
6845437 Computer system with heap and card table Jan. 18, 2005
6845436 Synchronized signal transfer system Jan. 18, 2005
6845435 Data backup in presence of pending hazard Jan. 18, 2005
6845434 Method for updating parametric data for use in data management system Jan. 18, 2005
6845433 Memory device having posted write per command Jan. 18, 2005
6845432 Low power cache architecture Jan. 18, 2005
6845431 System and method for intermediating communication with a moveable media library utilizing a plu... Jan. 18, 2005
6845430 System for maintaining a buffer pool Jan. 18, 2005
6845429 Multi-port cache memory Jan. 18, 2005
6845428 Method and apparatus for managing the dynamic assignment of resources in a data storage system Jan. 18, 2005

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