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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4134322 Use of microencapsulated glue in the manufacture of envelopes Jan. 16, 1979
4134321 Demultiplexing audio waveshape generator Jan. 16, 1979
4134320 Key assigner for use in electronic musical instrument Jan. 16, 1979
4134319 Rotary punching apparatus Jan. 16, 1979
4134318 Grid stacking arrangement for a battery grid casting machine Jan. 16, 1979
4134317 Method and apparatus for fabricating vent plate having bow-tie slot arrangement Jan. 16, 1979
4134316 Apparatus for cutting tire carcasses into individual annular elements Jan. 16, 1979
4134315 Lathe for making contact lenses Jan. 16, 1979
4134314 Method for truing railroad car wheels Jan. 16, 1979
4134313 Automatic transmission for automobiles Jan. 16, 1979
4134312 Control system for an automatic power transmission Jan. 16, 1979
4134311 Hydromechanical transmission with two planetary assemblies that are clutchable to both the input... Jan. 16, 1979
4134310 Hydromechanical transmission with hydrodynamic drive Jan. 16, 1979
4134309 Flange spring reservoir for a vibration damper Jan. 16, 1979
4134308 Driven mechanism for a rotatory heat regenerator Jan. 16, 1979
4134307 Means for mechanical transmission Jan. 16, 1979
4134306 Rotary actuator Jan. 16, 1979
4134305 Apparatus for intermittently rotating and moving a member Jan. 16, 1979
4134304 Air pressure transducer of diffusion type Jan. 16, 1979
4134303 Method and circuit for providing electrical runout reduction in rotating shaft vibration detecti... Jan. 16, 1979
4134302 Pulser for ultrasonic inspection system Jan. 16, 1979
4134301 Compensating fuel measuring system for engines Jan. 16, 1979
4134300 Apparatus for evacuating and then collecting medium samples in containers sealed by a resilient ... Jan. 16, 1979
4134299 Cooking thermometer Jan. 16, 1979
4134298 Turbine flowmeter Jan. 16, 1979
4134297 Two-wire transmission system for vortex-type flowmeters Jan. 16, 1979
4134296 Flow meter Jan. 16, 1979
4134295 Fluid flow force and direction transducer system Jan. 16, 1979
4134294 Device for simultaneously measuring various parameters of the drilling fluid Jan. 16, 1979
4134293 Pressure differential indicating apparatus for a hydraulic measuring bridge and its associated m... Jan. 16, 1979
4134292 Tire testing apparatus Jan. 16, 1979
4134291 Process for determining the movement resistance characteristics of an automobile vehicle Jan. 16, 1979
4134290 Technique for detecting liquid metal leaks Jan. 16, 1979
4134289 Gas sampling system having a flow indicator Jan. 16, 1979
4134288 Liquid meter prover apparatus Jan. 16, 1979
4134287 Method for mechanical removal of tensile stresses in a tube which has been expanded in a support Jan. 16, 1979
4134286 Method and apparatus for expanding tubes Jan. 16, 1979
4134285 Method and apparatus for producing multiple groove pulleys Jan. 16, 1979
4134284 Method and apparatus for the manufacture of hollow bodies Jan. 16, 1979
4134283 Strip-processing lines with cold-rolling stands Jan. 16, 1979
4134282 Motor vehicle anti-theft device Jan. 16, 1979
4134281 Cam-type door lock with recessed handle Jan. 16, 1979
4134280 Lock cover Jan. 16, 1979
4134279 Protective safety lock Jan. 16, 1979
4134278 Machine for performing an operation along a non-rectilinear workpiece periphery Jan. 16, 1979
4134277 Water saver for washer using pumping agitator Jan. 16, 1979
4134276 Container for storage of articles and device for utilization of solid carbon dioxide Jan. 16, 1979
4134275 Vehicle roof-mounted air conditioning unit Jan. 16, 1979
4134274 System for producing refrigeration and a heated liquid and control therefor Jan. 16, 1979
4134273 Home heating and cooling system Jan. 16, 1979

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