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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D559931 Iron golf club head Jan. 15, 2008
D559930 Putter head Jan. 15, 2008
D559929 Putter head Jan. 15, 2008
D559928 Putter head Jan. 15, 2008
D559927 Hoop portions of a sports racquet Jan. 15, 2008
D559926 Reduced spin golf ball tee Jan. 15, 2008
D559925 Exercise device Jan. 15, 2008
D559924 Body vibration machine Jan. 15, 2008
D559923 Multiple slot expanded diameter paintball marker barrel Jan. 15, 2008
D559922 Toy Jan. 15, 2008
D559921 Toy cube Jan. 15, 2008
D559920 Coned freestyle flying disc Jan. 15, 2008
D559919 Boomerang Jan. 15, 2008
D559918 Frosted crystal domino Jan. 15, 2008
D559917 Slant top gaming machine Jan. 15, 2008
D559916 Music game control device Jan. 15, 2008
D559915 Magnetic sign Jan. 15, 2008
D559914 Flexible sheet sign substrate with spring loop support Jan. 15, 2008
D559913 Desktop hole punch with one edge guide Jan. 15, 2008
D559912 Cartridge for coating film transfer tool Jan. 15, 2008
D559911 Coating film transfer tool Jan. 15, 2008
D559910 Pen Jan. 15, 2008
D559909 Pen Jan. 15, 2008
D559908 Mechanical pencil Jan. 15, 2008
D559907 Specialized autograph book Jan. 15, 2008
D559906 Album with impression in the cover Jan. 15, 2008
D559905 Financial transaction card Jan. 15, 2008
D559904 Single account payment device Jan. 15, 2008
D559903 Multi-account payment device Jan. 15, 2008
D559902 Container for toner for printer Jan. 15, 2008
D559901 Ink stick for a phase change ink jet printer Jan. 15, 2008
D559900 Printer Jan. 15, 2008
D559899 Printer Jan. 15, 2008
D559898 Document feeder for a digital copying machine Jan. 15, 2008
D559897 Document feeder for a digital copying machine Jan. 15, 2008
D559896 Portion of a toner cartridge Jan. 15, 2008
D559895 Toner cartridge Jan. 15, 2008
D559894 Toner cartridge Jan. 15, 2008
D559893 Pouch for retrieved waste toner Jan. 15, 2008
D559892 Copying machine with scanning and printing functions Jan. 15, 2008
D559891 Calculator Jan. 15, 2008
D559890 Bell chime set Jan. 15, 2008
D559889 Electronic percussion instrument Jan. 15, 2008
D559888 Eyeglasses Jan. 15, 2008
D559887 Eyeglasses Jan. 15, 2008
D559886 Eyewear having movable lenses Jan. 15, 2008
D559885 Projection device with docking station Jan. 15, 2008
D559884 Camera lens Jan. 15, 2008
D559883 Camera Jan. 15, 2008
D559882 Camera Jan. 15, 2008

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