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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30847 Tubular wheel speed sensor Jan. 12, 1982
RE30846 Submarine pipeline laying vessel Jan. 12, 1982
RE30845 Apparatus for automatically measuring the light transmission factor or liquid test samples Jan. 12, 1982
RE30844 Run-on prevention device for internal combustion engines Jan. 12, 1982
D262664 Vanity stand Jan. 12, 1982
D262663 Bar of soap or the like Jan. 12, 1982
D262662 Lighter Jan. 12, 1982
D262661 Table lamp base Jan. 12, 1982
D262660 Luminaire Jan. 12, 1982
D262659 Light bar Jan. 12, 1982
D262658 Dispensing bag for fluidic uses Jan. 12, 1982
D262657 Suction drainage device for surgical purposes Jan. 12, 1982
D262656 Home colonic board Jan. 12, 1982
D262655 Massager Jan. 12, 1982
D262654 Teat dilator Jan. 12, 1982
D262653 Incubator oxygen dome Jan. 12, 1982
D262652 Air freshener dispenser Jan. 12, 1982
D262651 Wood stove Jan. 12, 1982
D262650 Wood-burning furnace Jan. 12, 1982
D262649 Water heater Jan. 12, 1982
D262648 Splash shield Jan. 12, 1982
D262647 Water closet or similar article Jan. 12, 1982
D262646 Roller skate pole Jan. 12, 1982
D262645 Toy animal figure Jan. 12, 1982
D262644 Toy robot Jan. 12, 1982
D262643 Toy robot Jan. 12, 1982
D262642 Toy wheelbarrow Jan. 12, 1982
D262641 Musical toy locomotive Jan. 12, 1982
D262640 Kinetic sculpture Jan. 12, 1982
D262639 Kinetic sculpture Jan. 12, 1982
D262638 Carcinogen warning marker Jan. 12, 1982
D262637 Machine for displaying and advancing stenographic notes Jan. 12, 1982
D262636 Controlled lettering scriber Jan. 12, 1982
D262635 Tripod head Jan. 12, 1982
D262634 Electronic flash unit Jan. 12, 1982
D262633 Camera Jan. 12, 1982
D262632 Combined binoculars and detachable camera Jan. 12, 1982
D262631 Label applying machine Jan. 12, 1982
D262630 Drill bit Jan. 12, 1982
D262629 Automatic paint colorant dispenser Jan. 12, 1982
D262628 Automatic paint colorant dispenser Jan. 12, 1982
D262627 Liquid applicator Jan. 12, 1982
D262626 Telephone stand Jan. 12, 1982
D262625 Telephone stand Jan. 12, 1982
D262624 Molded base plate for a desk telephone set Jan. 12, 1982
D262623 Electronic translator Jan. 12, 1982
D262622 Case for an information display terminal or the like Jan. 12, 1982
D262621 Combined cassette recorder and radio receiver Jan. 12, 1982
D262620 Video disc player Jan. 12, 1982
D262619 Control plate for a room air conditioner Jan. 12, 1982

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