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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D630739 Laryngoscope blade Jan. 11, 2011
D630738 Laryngoscope blade Jan. 11, 2011
D630737 Laryngoscope blade Jan. 11, 2011
D630736 Open-end ratchet rack of retractor Jan. 11, 2011
D630735 Medical device Jan. 11, 2011
D630734 Medical instrument Jan. 11, 2011
D630733 Catheter with catheter sleeve Jan. 11, 2011
D630732 Vial adapter with female connector Jan. 11, 2011
D630731 Infusion management system holder Jan. 11, 2011
D630730 Sanitary napkin Jan. 11, 2011
D630729 Access device Jan. 11, 2011
D630728 Suction handle Jan. 11, 2011
D630727 Pump for arthroscopic fluid management Jan. 11, 2011
D630726 Exhale valve cover Jan. 11, 2011
D630725 Canister Jan. 11, 2011
D630724 Ceiling fan blade Jan. 11, 2011
D630723 Air circulator Jan. 11, 2011
D630722 Blade holder Jan. 11, 2011
D630721 Impeller Jan. 11, 2011
D630720 Spiral tower fan Jan. 11, 2011
D630719 Air freshener device Jan. 11, 2011
D630718 Adaptor seal Jan. 11, 2011
D630717 Sink Jan. 11, 2011
D630716 Sink Jan. 11, 2011
D630715 Sink Jan. 11, 2011
D630714 Urinal screen Jan. 11, 2011
D630713 Faucet handle Jan. 11, 2011
D630712 Plumbing fitting Jan. 11, 2011
D630711 Plumbing fitting Jan. 11, 2011
D630710 Rotor element for a shear valve assembly Jan. 11, 2011
D630709 Rail plate used for securing a float switch and a drain line connection to a fluid collection pa... Jan. 11, 2011
D630708 Airless paint sprayer Jan. 11, 2011
D630707 Water distribution apparatus Jan. 11, 2011
D630706 Showerhead Jan. 11, 2011
D630705 Pool floater Jan. 11, 2011
D630704 Dual fuel carrier Jan. 11, 2011
D630703 Trolling diver device Jan. 11, 2011
D630702 Pest-control device Jan. 11, 2011
D630701 Arrow head Jan. 11, 2011
D630700 Arrow head Jan. 11, 2011
D630699 Bow tightener Jan. 11, 2011
D630698 Modular carbon fore end system for tactical firearms Jan. 11, 2011
D630697 Snowboard with adjustable removable handle Jan. 11, 2011
D630696 Crown channel for golf club head Jan. 11, 2011
D630695 Golf club grip Jan. 11, 2011
D630694 Golf club grip Jan. 11, 2011
D630693 Golf club grip Jan. 11, 2011
D630692 Golf club grip Jan. 11, 2011
D630691 Golf club grip Jan. 11, 2011
D630690 Putter head Jan. 11, 2011

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