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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38687 Creatine amidinohydrolase, production thereof and use thereof Jan. 11, 2005
RE38686 Smoke generating apparatus Jan. 11, 2005
RE38685 Data-output driver circuit and method Jan. 11, 2005
PP15479 Gaura plant named `Bijou Butterflies` Jan. 11, 2005
PP15478 Lavatera plant named `Inovera` Jan. 11, 2005
PP15477 Hydrangea plant named `Little Honey` Jan. 11, 2005
PP15476 Spathiphyllum plant named `Carlos` Jan. 11, 2005
PP15475 Stromanthe plant named `Valmic` Jan. 11, 2005
PP15474 Liriope muscari plant named `Bigun` Jan. 11, 2005
PP15473 Minature rose plant named `POULhi015` Jan. 11, 2005
PP15472 Impatiens plant named `Balfusheat` Jan. 11, 2005
PP15471 Liriope muscari plant named `Love Potion No. 13` Jan. 11, 2005
D500905 Automated teller machine Jan. 11, 2005
D500904 Cart Jan. 11, 2005
D500903 Cart for fishing accessories Jan. 11, 2005
D500902 Toy ball with ropes Jan. 11, 2005
D500901 Toy ball with strands for pets Jan. 11, 2005
D500900 Sports glove with perforations in ventral surface Jan. 11, 2005
D500899 Batting helmet Jan. 11, 2005
D500898 Helmet tether anchor snap Jan. 11, 2005
D500897 Face mask connector clamp Jan. 11, 2005
D500896 Protective glove Jan. 11, 2005
D500895 Mouthguard Jan. 11, 2005
D500894 Wrestling head gear Jan. 11, 2005
D500893 Artificial nail Jan. 11, 2005
D500892 Portion of a handle for an eyebrow groomer Jan. 11, 2005
D500891 Hair trimmer housing Jan. 11, 2005
D500890 Electrical hair clipper Jan. 11, 2005
D500889 Shaving apparatus Jan. 11, 2005
D500888 Razor Jan. 11, 2005
D500887 Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product Jan. 11, 2005
D500886 Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product Jan. 11, 2005
D500885 Mounting arm of a lighting fixture Jan. 11, 2005
D500884 Fluorescent lampholder Jan. 11, 2005
D500883 Portion of a luminous housing for a lighting fixture Jan. 11, 2005
D500882 Portion of a luminous housing for a lighting fixture Jan. 11, 2005
D500881 Lamp Jan. 11, 2005
D500880 Torchiere lamp with single flex arm task light Jan. 11, 2005
D500879 Lantern Jan. 11, 2005
D500878 Lighting fixture Jan. 11, 2005
D500877 Lamp Jan. 11, 2005
D500876 Solar-powered outdoor lantern with stake mount Jan. 11, 2005
D500875 Flashlight Jan. 11, 2005
D500874 Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle Jan. 11, 2005
D500873 Rear combination lamp for an automobile Jan. 11, 2005
D500872 Reflection fluorescent lamp Jan. 11, 2005
D500871 Decorative lamp Jan. 11, 2005
D500870 Garage door panel Jan. 11, 2005
D500869 Chair rail with two points Jan. 11, 2005
D500868 Window component extrusion Jan. 11, 2005

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