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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35724 Contraception system and method Feb. 3, 1998
RE35723 Synchronous burst-access memory Feb. 3, 1998
RE35721 Cooling device of semiconductor chips Feb. 3, 1998
RE35720 Ultrasonic tissue imaging method and apparatus with doppler velocity and acceleraton processing Feb. 3, 1998
RE35719 Holding device for vertically positioning a window pane Feb. 3, 1998
PP10228 Kalanchoe plant named `Juliana` Feb. 3, 1998
PP10227 New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Volcano Fuchsia Pink` Feb. 3, 1998
PP10226 Chrysanthemum plant named `Sierra` Feb. 3, 1998
PP10225 Chrysanthemum plant named `Suerte` Feb. 3, 1998
PP10224 Chrysanthemum plant named `Canton` Feb. 3, 1998
PP10223 Chrysanthemum plant named `Finesse` Feb. 3, 1998
PP10222 Clematis plant named `Evione` Feb. 3, 1998
PP10221 Strawberry plant named `Coronado` Feb. 3, 1998
H1712 Radiation-curable acrylates of polyol monoalkyl ethers Feb. 3, 1998
H1711 Herbicidal mixtures Feb. 3, 1998
H1710 Tennis racquets Feb. 3, 1998
H1709 Thermal destruction of halocarbons Feb. 3, 1998
H1708 System for creating and producing custom card products Feb. 3, 1998
D390334 Container Feb. 3, 1998
D390333 Juke box toy bank Feb. 3, 1998
D390332 Bank Feb. 3, 1998
D390331 Motivational piggy bank Feb. 3, 1998
D390330 Coin bank Feb. 3, 1998
D390329 Mailbox support and post Feb. 3, 1998
D390328 Molded mailbox and post Feb. 3, 1998
D390327 Key box Feb. 3, 1998
D390326 Talisman Feb. 3, 1998
D390325 Talisman Feb. 3, 1998
D390323 Combination lawn ornament and cremation container Feb. 3, 1998
D390322 Monument with inset panels Feb. 3, 1998
D390321 Casket hardware Feb. 3, 1998
D390320 Burial casket hardware Feb. 3, 1998
D390319 Throw for burial casket Feb. 3, 1998
D390318 Burial casket Feb. 3, 1998
D390317 Pallet Feb. 3, 1998
D390316 End board pad Feb. 3, 1998
D390315 Portable hose cart frame assembly Feb. 3, 1998
D390314 Multipurpose cart Feb. 3, 1998
D390313 Sprinkler Feb. 3, 1998
D390312 Dog sprinkler Feb. 3, 1998
D390310 Ring fountain Feb. 3, 1998
D390309 Illuminated fishing strike signal device Feb. 3, 1998
D390308 Pivotable seat attachable fishing rod support Feb. 3, 1998
D390307 Reel seat for fishing rod Feb. 3, 1998
D390306 Fishing reel Feb. 3, 1998
D390305 Insect bait station Feb. 3, 1998
D390304 Sword Feb. 3, 1998
D390303 Recoil buffer Feb. 3, 1998
D390302 M1A/M14 recoil buffer Feb. 3, 1998
D390301 Telescoping bipod gun support Feb. 3, 1998

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