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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D502229 Exercise device for use with a chair Feb. 22, 2005
D502228 Doll Feb. 22, 2005
D502227 Doll Feb. 22, 2005
D502226 Toy domino bridge Feb. 22, 2005
D502225 Flying ring Feb. 22, 2005
D502224 Handset Feb. 22, 2005
D502223 Spiral floral card holder Feb. 22, 2005
D502222 Color display kiosk Feb. 22, 2005
D502221 Incline sorter Feb. 22, 2005
D502220 Browser/sorter Feb. 22, 2005
D502219 Cap for writing instrument or container Feb. 22, 2005
D502218 Pen Feb. 22, 2005
D502217 Marker Feb. 22, 2005
D502216 USB memory stick with pen Feb. 22, 2005
D502215 Marker Feb. 22, 2005
D502214 Combined pen and tire gauge Feb. 22, 2005
D502213 Finger puppet book Feb. 22, 2005
D502212 Printer with copying and scanning functions Feb. 22, 2005
D502211 Printer with copying function Feb. 22, 2005
D502210 Copying machine with facsimile Feb. 22, 2005
D502209 Calculator Feb. 22, 2005
D502208 Large button calculator Feb. 22, 2005
D502207 Shaker Feb. 22, 2005
D502206 Bridge for a guitar Feb. 22, 2005
D502205 Adjustable eyeglass frames Feb. 22, 2005
D502204 Goggles Feb. 22, 2005
D502203 Speed reducer for retractable screen systems Feb. 22, 2005
D502202 Digital camera Feb. 22, 2005
D502201 Combination binoculars and camera Feb. 22, 2005
D502200 Video camera for semiconductor memory card Feb. 22, 2005
D502199 Electronic camera Feb. 22, 2005
D502198 Digital camera Feb. 22, 2005
D502197 Electronic camera Feb. 22, 2005
D502196 Video camera Feb. 22, 2005
D502195 Digital camera Feb. 22, 2005
D502194 Stereomicroscope Feb. 22, 2005
D502193 Gripper body for a wire tying machine Feb. 22, 2005
D502192 Ejector for a wire tying machine Feb. 22, 2005
D502191 Fixed cover for a wire tying machine Feb. 22, 2005
D502190 Grip lever for a wire tying machine Feb. 22, 2005
D502189 Moving cover for a wire tying machine Feb. 22, 2005
D502188 Entry guide for a wire tying machine Feb. 22, 2005
D502187 Radial feed facing head for boring bar Feb. 22, 2005
D502186 Alignment key for container press Feb. 22, 2005
D502185 Cutter blade Feb. 22, 2005
D502184 Computer generated image for a display panel or screen Feb. 22, 2005
D502183 Media tray and display Feb. 22, 2005
D502182 Electronic key card encoder Feb. 22, 2005
D502181 Wireless LAN card Feb. 22, 2005
D502180 Ergonomic two-thumb keyboard Feb. 22, 2005

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