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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35735 Connector with barbed boardlock Feb. 17, 1998
RE35734 Metal core fiberoptic connector plug for single fiber and multiple fiber coupling Feb. 17, 1998
RE35733 Device for interconnecting integrated circuit packages to circuit boards Feb. 17, 1998
RE35732 Transformable mechanic's creeper Feb. 17, 1998
RE35731 Flag pole bracket Feb. 17, 1998
RE35730 Apparatus and process to regenerate a trivalent chromium bath Feb. 17, 1998
RE35729 Apparatus for glueing the tail of a web to a log formed of the web material Feb. 17, 1998
PP10248 Anthurium plant named `Laura` Feb. 17, 1998
PP10247 Aglaonema plant named "Stars" Feb. 17, 1998
PP10246 Spathiphyllum plant named `Frederick` Feb. 17, 1998
PP10245 Geranium plant named `Meririco` Feb. 17, 1998
PP10244 Asiatic hybrid lily plant named `Bal White` Feb. 17, 1998
PP10243 Sophrolaeliocattleya barbara elmore plant `hearts` Feb. 17, 1998
PP10242 Petunia plant named `Isidore` Feb. 17, 1998
PP10241 Nectarine tree `Kay Glo` Feb. 17, 1998
PP10240 Shrub rose plant named `Interdust` Feb. 17, 1998
PP10239 Ground cover rose plant named `Flower Carpet Appleblossom` Feb. 17, 1998
D391034 Roof car for suspending a working cage Feb. 17, 1998
D391033 Tire buddy Feb. 17, 1998
D391032 Compartmented cart Feb. 17, 1998
D391031 Wheeled cart Feb. 17, 1998
D391030 Cart with trolley wheels Feb. 17, 1998
D391029 Combined hand and finger shield Feb. 17, 1998
D391028 Upper body pad for goalie Feb. 17, 1998
D391026 Fingernail clipper with finger support Feb. 17, 1998
D391025 Nail polish removing machine Feb. 17, 1998
D391024 Manicuring implement Feb. 17, 1998
D391023 Tweezers Feb. 17, 1998
D391022 Dry shaver Feb. 17, 1998
D391021 Razor handle Feb. 17, 1998
D391020 Hair clip Feb. 17, 1998
D391019 Combined curling brush with cover Feb. 17, 1998
D391018 Fine-tooth comb Feb. 17, 1998
D391017 Hair dryer Feb. 17, 1998
D391016 Cigar cutter Feb. 17, 1998
D391015 Cylindrical smoking storage device Feb. 17, 1998
D391014 Lighter Feb. 17, 1998
D391013 Gas lighter Feb. 17, 1998
D391012 Decorative strip for lamps Feb. 17, 1998
D391011 Frame for ceiling lighting fixture Feb. 17, 1998
D391010 Supporting bracket for track lighting system Feb. 17, 1998
D391009 Suction cup light holder Feb. 17, 1998
D391008 Crystal shade for lighting fixture Feb. 17, 1998
D391007 Light diffuser Feb. 17, 1998
D391006 Dome shaped lamp shade Feb. 17, 1998
D391005 Lamp Feb. 17, 1998
D391004 Portion of a lamp Feb. 17, 1998
D391003 Lighting fixture Feb. 17, 1998
D391002 Ski lamp Feb. 17, 1998
D391001 Bathroom lamp Feb. 17, 1998

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