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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE40603 Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material Dec. 9, 2008
RE40602 Semiconductor device having a ferroelectric TFT and a dummy element Dec. 9, 2008
RE40601 Manufacturing method of active matrix substrate, active matrix substrate and liquid crystal disp... Dec. 9, 2008
RE40600 Receptacle-mounted cover plate Dec. 9, 2008
RE40599 Low temperature storage cabinet Dec. 9, 2008
PP19569 Nemesia plant named `Balarlilabi` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19568 Fuchsia plant named `Sanifpirave` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19567 Begonia plant named `Metallic Mist` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19566 Osteospermum plant named `Saksiscopye` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19565 Hosta plant named `Singing in the Rain` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19564 Ornamental flowering plum tree named `Cripoizam` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19563 Interspecific tree named `Coral-Cot` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19562 Quince plant named `Eline` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19561 Abies fraseri plant named `Frosty` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19560 Petunia plant named `Sunsurfpaspimi` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19559 Helleborus plant named `Snow Love` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19558 Phlox plant named `Sunphlotori` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19557 Hypericum plant named `Seigre` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19556 Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACormag` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19555 Almond tree named `Folsom` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19554 Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACtorob` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19553 Petunia plant named `Kumiyama 4` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19552 Pear tree named `Lowry Red` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19551 Floribunda rose plant named `JACorbet` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19550 Blue spruce tree named `Blue Diamond` Dec. 9, 2008
PP19549 Aglaonema plant named `TWYAG0060` Dec. 9, 2008
D582625 Forklift truck Dec. 9, 2008
D582624 Wall of a jack for a vehicle Dec. 9, 2008
D582623 Adjustable saddle floor jack Dec. 9, 2008
D582622 Convertible wheelbarrow Dec. 9, 2008
D582621 Cart Dec. 9, 2008
D582620 Electric steam iron Dec. 9, 2008
D582619 Mop head Dec. 9, 2008
D582618 Abrasive wipe Dec. 9, 2008
D582617 Pool cleaner component Dec. 9, 2008
D582616 Milking claw for goats and sheep Dec. 9, 2008
D582615 Exercise equipment for pets Dec. 9, 2008
D582614 Wine glass hummingbird feeder Dec. 9, 2008
D582613 Champagne glass hummingbird feeder Dec. 9, 2008
D582612 Birdcage attachment Dec. 9, 2008
D582611 Pet bed Dec. 9, 2008
D582610 Pet kennel cupboard Dec. 9, 2008
D582609 Pair of sports gloves Dec. 9, 2008
D582608 Protective pad for sportswear Dec. 9, 2008
D582607 Protective helmet Dec. 9, 2008
D582606 Nail file having a handle Dec. 9, 2008
D582605 Hair cutting device Dec. 9, 2008
D582604 Hair cutting device Dec. 9, 2008
D582603 Dispenser for cosmetics Dec. 9, 2008
D582602 Light fixture Dec. 9, 2008

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