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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35988 Stent construction of rolled configuration Dec. 8, 1998
RE35987 Output pulse compensation for therapeutic-type electronic devices Dec. 8, 1998
RE35986 Multiple chamber automatic injector Dec. 8, 1998
RE35985 Fungicidal compositions Dec. 8, 1998
RE35984 Process for molding a fiberglass reinforced article Dec. 8, 1998
RE35983 Light fixture mounting pedestal Dec. 8, 1998
RE35982 High speed crosslapper Dec. 8, 1998
RE35981 System for cleaning molding equipment using a laser Dec. 8, 1998
PP10719 Neoregelia plant named `Raphael` Dec. 8, 1998
PP10718 Neoregelia plant named `Annick` Dec. 8, 1998
PP10717 Neoregelia plant named `Martin` Dec. 8, 1998
PP10716 Neoregelia plant named `Ying` Dec. 8, 1998
PP10715 Asiatic hybrid lily plant named `La Center` Dec. 8, 1998
PP10714 Apple tree named `M9-RN29` Dec. 8, 1998
PP10713 Grandiflora rose plant variety named `Wekdykstra` Dec. 8, 1998
D402434 Lateral patient transfer mechanism Dec. 8, 1998
D402433 Cart for a string trimmer Dec. 8, 1998
D402432 Creeper Dec. 8, 1998
D402431 Bird feeder stand Dec. 8, 1998
D402430 Bird feeder Dec. 8, 1998
D402429 Bird bath Dec. 8, 1998
D402428 Combination feeder and waterer for pets Dec. 8, 1998
D402427 Pet tunnel with compression groove Dec. 8, 1998
D402426 Combined housing for a pet leash and flashlight Dec. 8, 1998
D402425 Combined moated pet food dish and water dispenser Dec. 8, 1998
D402424 Combat battle uniform padding Dec. 8, 1998
D402423 Ornamentation for a baseball glove Dec. 8, 1998
D402422 Combined neck support and helmet positioner Dec. 8, 1998
D402421 Pair of detachable extended vision optical elements for a helmet Dec. 8, 1998
D402420 Welder's gauntlet Dec. 8, 1998
D402419 Protective glove Dec. 8, 1998
D402418 Adhesive nose protector Dec. 8, 1998
D402417 Adhesive nose protector Dec. 8, 1998
D402416 Diving helmet Dec. 8, 1998
D402415 Helmet Dec. 8, 1998
D402414 Helmet with pony tail hole Dec. 8, 1998
D402413 Adhesive nose protector Dec. 8, 1998
D402412 Make-up compact case Dec. 8, 1998
D402411 Nail soaking receptacle Dec. 8, 1998
D402410 Alligator nail clipper Dec. 8, 1998
D402409 Ergonomic acrylic nail trimmer Dec. 8, 1998
D402408 U-shaped handle for a nail file Dec. 8, 1998
D402407 Outliner trimmer Dec. 8, 1998
D402406 Shaver Dec. 8, 1998
D402405 Dry shaver Dec. 8, 1998
D402404 Electric shaver Dec. 8, 1998
D402403 Razor handle Dec. 8, 1998
D402402 Depilator Dec. 8, 1998
D402401 Suspendable cigarette lighter case Dec. 8, 1998
D402400 Cigarette lighter holder Dec. 8, 1998

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