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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
T102503 Organo-titanate gellation of epoxy resin coated articles Dec. 7, 1982
T102502 Gap elimination in memory data accession Dec. 7, 1982
T102501 Process of preparing a potassium stannate-stannic oxide sol tin electroplating solution Dec. 7, 1982
RE31099 Catalysts and catalyst components for polymerizing olefins Dec. 7, 1982
RE31098 Feed material handling apparatus Dec. 7, 1982
RE31097 Apparatus and method for detecton of body tissue movement Dec. 7, 1982
RE31096 Coupling device Dec. 7, 1982
RE31095 Agitator chamber Dec. 7, 1982
PP4963 African violet named Patricia Dec. 7, 1982
PP4962 Distinct variety of streptocarpus named Aurora Dec. 7, 1982
PP4961 Miniature rose plant--Meijidiro variety Dec. 7, 1982
D267205 Combined lighted mirror and digital clock Dec. 7, 1982
D267204 Cigarette extinguisher Dec. 7, 1982
D267203 Gimbal lamp Dec. 7, 1982
D267202 Running light for boat trailer and the like Dec. 7, 1982
D267201 Building Dec. 7, 1982
D267200 Elastic bandage with quick-locking fastener Dec. 7, 1982
D267199 Vial and solution container connecting device Dec. 7, 1982
D267198 Spa Dec. 7, 1982
D267197 Intraocular lens haptic loop Dec. 7, 1982
D267196 Ceiling fan cover plate Dec. 7, 1982
D267195 Ceiling fan cover plate Dec. 7, 1982
D267194 Draft control knob for a wood burning stove or the like Dec. 7, 1982
D267193 Wood stove Dec. 7, 1982
D267192 Stove Dec. 7, 1982
D267191 Bathtub Dec. 7, 1982
D267190 Bathtub Dec. 7, 1982
D267189 Spout Dec. 7, 1982
D267188 Spout Dec. 7, 1982
D267187 Single handle faucet and the like Dec. 7, 1982
D267186 Combined valve assembly and frame head for the transport and handling of gas cylinders Dec. 7, 1982
D267185 Amusement bumper car Dec. 7, 1982
D267184 Tennis racket Dec. 7, 1982
D267183 Manipulative water game housing Dec. 7, 1982
D267182 Ball striking and target game apparatus Dec. 7, 1982
D267181 Slide frame Dec. 7, 1982
D267180 Microfilm reader Dec. 7, 1982
D267179 Call processor for a telephone system Dec. 7, 1982
D267178 Telephone handset Dec. 7, 1982
D267177 Telephone instrument base Dec. 7, 1982
D267176 Telephone instrument base housing Dec. 7, 1982
D267175 Wall telephone base housing Dec. 7, 1982
D267174 Telephone attachment Dec. 7, 1982
D267173 Telephone switchboard housing Dec. 7, 1982
D267172 Tape recording and playback apparatus Dec. 7, 1982
D267171 Airplane Dec. 7, 1982
D267170 Boat Dec. 7, 1982
D267169 Wheel for motorcycle Dec. 7, 1982
D267168 Body panel for a motorcycle Dec. 7, 1982
D267167 Wheel for motorcycle Dec. 7, 1982

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