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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D583992 Hair clip Dec. 30, 2008
D583991 Hair clip Dec. 30, 2008
D583990 Bulb holder assembly Dec. 30, 2008
D583989 Holder for a mountable light bulb Dec. 30, 2008
D583988 Bezel for wide-angle worklight Dec. 30, 2008
D583987 Lamp lens Dec. 30, 2008
D583986 Lighting fixture end portion Dec. 30, 2008
D583985 Breast pump Dec. 30, 2008
D583984 Light emitting diode lamp Dec. 30, 2008
D583983 Luminaire Dec. 30, 2008
D583982 Luminaire Dec. 30, 2008
D583981 Luminaire Dec. 30, 2008
D583980 Lighting fixture Dec. 30, 2008
D583979 Light fixture Dec. 30, 2008
D583978 Wall-mounted lighting fixture Dec. 30, 2008
D583977 Wallpack Dec. 30, 2008
D583976 Luminaire Dec. 30, 2008
D583975 Lighting fixture Dec. 30, 2008
D583974 Motion-sensing security light and alarm Dec. 30, 2008
D583973 Flashlight Dec. 30, 2008
D583972 Flashlight Dec. 30, 2008
D583971 Lighting device Dec. 30, 2008
D583970 Taillight for a vehicle Dec. 30, 2008
D583969 Rear combination lamp for an automobile Dec. 30, 2008
D583968 Surface configuration for truck headlamp Dec. 30, 2008
D583967 Lamp Dec. 30, 2008
D583966 Bricks and a wall made thereof Dec. 30, 2008
D583965 Hip and ridge attachment device Dec. 30, 2008
D583964 Mesh fence panel Dec. 30, 2008
D583963 Mobile airport cubicle Dec. 30, 2008
D583962 Biological specimen carrier system Dec. 30, 2008
D583961 Vibrator device Dec. 30, 2008
D583960 Bowl for spa foot bath Dec. 30, 2008
D583959 Crescent warmer Dec. 30, 2008
D583958 Heating external application material Dec. 30, 2008
D583957 Footbath Dec. 30, 2008
D583956 Orthotic device Dec. 30, 2008
D583955 Patch Dec. 30, 2008
D583954 Spa table for face and body treatments and massages Dec. 30, 2008
D583953 Spa table for face and body treatments and massages Dec. 30, 2008
D583952 Spa table for face and body treatments and massages Dec. 30, 2008
D583951 Dental equipment unit with articulated arm and tool holder Dec. 30, 2008
D583950 Pulse wave measuring instrument with sphygmomanometer Dec. 30, 2008
D583949 Sphygmomanometer Dec. 30, 2008
D583948 Sphygmomanometer Dec. 30, 2008
D583947 Respirator head cradle Dec. 30, 2008
D583946 Orthodontic anchorage screw Dec. 30, 2008
D583945 Dental implant Dec. 30, 2008
D583944 Implant for medical applications Dec. 30, 2008
D583943 Tongue cleaner Dec. 30, 2008

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