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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38927 System management memory for system management interrupt handler independent of BIOS and operati... Dec. 27, 2005
RE38926 Printer including an ink cartridge Dec. 27, 2005
RE38925 Automatic weather monitoring and adaptive transmitting system Dec. 27, 2005
PP16175 Peach tree named `Janet` Dec. 27, 2005
PP16174 St. Augustine grass named `B12` Dec. 27, 2005
PP16173 Prunus rootstock named `GI 2091` Dec. 27, 2005
D513355 Military service headstone medallion Dec. 27, 2005
D513354 Jack Dec. 27, 2005
D513353 Scooter platform Dec. 27, 2005
D513352 Leaf chute Dec. 27, 2005
D513351 Portion of a suction nozzle for a floor care appliance Dec. 27, 2005
D513350 Chew toy for animals Dec. 27, 2005
D513349 Handle for pet combs Dec. 27, 2005
D513348 Long shank bit Dec. 27, 2005
D513347 Building panel Dec. 27, 2005
D513346 Hair trimmer stand with accessory tray Dec. 27, 2005
D513345 Tweezers Dec. 27, 2005
D513344 Hair clipper Dec. 27, 2005
D513343 Neck line and sideburn trimmer Dec. 27, 2005
D513342 Rotary shaver Dec. 27, 2005
D513341 Cleaning device for an electric shaver Dec. 27, 2005
D513340 Lighter Dec. 27, 2005
D513339 Coin stack lighter Dec. 27, 2005
D513338 Outdoor lantern with hand-painted shade Dec. 27, 2005
D513337 Outdoor lantern having a hand-painted tinted shade Dec. 27, 2005
D513336 Lantern Dec. 27, 2005
D513335 Hand actuatable light device Dec. 27, 2005
D513334 Lanterns Dec. 27, 2005
D513333 Headlamp for a bicycle Dec. 27, 2005
D513332 Fiber optic decorative light Dec. 27, 2005
D513331 Cover for rail attachment Dec. 27, 2005
D513330 Window component extrusion Dec. 27, 2005
D513329 Stylized window insert set for a garage door Dec. 27, 2005
D513328 Door Dec. 27, 2005
D513327 Mirrored closet door Dec. 27, 2005
D513326 Outdoor screen Dec. 27, 2005
D513325 Spa shell Dec. 27, 2005
D513324 Impulse therapy garment Dec. 27, 2005
D513323 Pair of light absorbing strips Dec. 27, 2005
D513322 Portable curing light base Dec. 27, 2005
D513321 Tampon applicator barrel Dec. 27, 2005
D513320 Endoscopy fluid pump tubing cassette Dec. 27, 2005
D513319 Portion of a ceiling fan housing Dec. 27, 2005
D513318 Electric fan Dec. 27, 2005
D513317 Electric fan Dec. 27, 2005
D513316 Combination ceiling fan and light fixture Dec. 27, 2005
D513315 Ceiling fan Dec. 27, 2005
D513314 Filter element Dec. 27, 2005
D513313 Air cleaner Dec. 27, 2005
D513312 Outdoor fireplace Dec. 27, 2005

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