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4890244 Device for inspecting the heat insulation of household appliances, more particularly refrigerato... Dec. 26, 1989
4890243 Peripheral machine for programmable controller Dec. 26, 1989
4890242 Solid-modeling system using topology directed subdivision for determination of surface intersect... Dec. 26, 1989
4890241 Robotic system Dec. 26, 1989
4890240 Coalescing changes in pattern-directed, rule-based artificial intelligence production systems Dec. 26, 1989
4890239 Lithographic process analysis and control system Dec. 26, 1989
4890238 Method for physical VLSI-chip design Dec. 26, 1989
4890237 Method and apparatus for signal processing Dec. 26, 1989
4890236 Method and apparatus for aiding manual instrument settings by displaying estimates of future mea... Dec. 26, 1989
4890235 Computer aided prescription of specialized seats for wheelchairs or other body supports Dec. 26, 1989
4890234 NC data modification method Dec. 26, 1989
4890233 Vehicle bearing detection and data processing methods applicable to vehicle navigation system Dec. 26, 1989
4890232 Display aid for air traffic controllers Dec. 26, 1989
4890231 Method of disabling a resume switch in an electronic speed control system for vehicles Dec. 26, 1989
4890230 Electronic dictionary Dec. 26, 1989
4890229 Electronic baseball card Dec. 26, 1989
4890228 Electronic income tax refund early payment system Dec. 26, 1989
4890227 Autonomous resource management system with recorded evaluations of system performance with sched... Dec. 26, 1989
4890226 Memory access control apparatus having empty real address storing memory and logical address/rea... Dec. 26, 1989
4890225 Method and apparatus for branching on the previous state in an interleaved computer program Dec. 26, 1989
4890224 Method and apparatus for fault tolerant communication within a computing system Dec. 26, 1989
4890223 Paged memory management unit which evaluates access permissions when creating translator Dec. 26, 1989
4890222 Apparatus for substantially syncronizing the timing subsystems of the physical modules of a loca... Dec. 26, 1989
4890221 Apparatus and method for reconstructing a microstack Dec. 26, 1989
4890220 Vector processing apparatus for incrementing indices of vector operands of different length acco... Dec. 26, 1989
4890219 Mode conversion of computer commands Dec. 26, 1989
4890218 Variable length instruction decoding apparatus having cross coupled first and second microengine... Dec. 26, 1989
4890217 Universal power supply, independent converter stages for respective hardware components of a com... Dec. 26, 1989
4890216 High frequency power unit for generating gas lasers Dec. 26, 1989
4890215 Electrical apparatus with reverse audible alarm Dec. 26, 1989
4890214 Start circuit for adapting a constant current generator to a wide variety of loads Dec. 26, 1989
4890213 Power converter device having starting circuits and a method for starting the power converter de... Dec. 26, 1989
4890212 Electric apparatus having a start-up control function Dec. 26, 1989
4890211 Switching mode power supply start-up circuit Dec. 26, 1989
4890210 Power supply having combined forward converter and flyback action for high efficiency conversion... Dec. 26, 1989
4890209 Searchlight, in particular a portable searchlight with an accompanying current supply Dec. 26, 1989
4890208 Stage lighting apparatus Dec. 26, 1989
4890207 Remote controlled spotlight system Dec. 26, 1989
4890206 Christmas light set compiler Dec. 26, 1989
4890205 Combined night light and pre-moistened towellette warmer Dec. 26, 1989
4890204 Ball point pen with self-provided illuminator Dec. 26, 1989
4890203 Identity light Dec. 26, 1989
4890202 System for mounting different types of bulb on the reflector of a lamp Dec. 26, 1989
4890201 Light transmitting plate member Dec. 26, 1989
4890200 Down lighting systems and fixtures therefor Dec. 26, 1989
4890199 Miniature shield with opposing cantilever spring fingers Dec. 26, 1989
4890198 Process and apparatus for retaining a circuit board in a mounted position in a computer housing Dec. 26, 1989
4890197 Memory card housing Dec. 26, 1989
4890196 Solderable heat sink fastener Dec. 26, 1989
4890195 Replaceable MMIC chip carrier captured by differential thermal expansion between carrier and sup... Dec. 26, 1989

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