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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE36008 Process for the production of terephthalic acid Dec. 22, 1998
RE36007 Method and apparatus for control of engine compression brakes before during and after an electro... Dec. 22, 1998
RE36006 Metal selective polymer removal Dec. 22, 1998
RE36005 Antifriction slide assemblies Dec. 22, 1998
RE36004 Inclined ceiling downlight fixtures Dec. 22, 1998
RE36003 Occupant restraint system Dec. 22, 1998
RE36002 Transmission sleeve for a down hole hammer Dec. 22, 1998
RE36001 Sand mold member and method Dec. 22, 1998
RE36000 Adhesive pulse oximeter sensor with reusable portion Dec. 22, 1998
RE35999 Human amusement ride Dec. 22, 1998
RE35998 Electric cooking apparatus Dec. 22, 1998
RE35997 Self cleaning reciprocating and/or rotating device Dec. 22, 1998
PP10736 Begonia plant named `Lady Rose` Dec. 22, 1998
PP10735 Chrysanthemum plant named `Movie Time` Dec. 22, 1998
PP10734 Chrysanthemum plant named `White Giant Time` Dec. 22, 1998
PP10733 Rhaphiolepis indica plant named `Creeklin'` Dec. 22, 1998
PP10732 Elm named `Prince Richard` Dec. 22, 1998
PP10731 Apple tree named `Mt. Timp Gold` Dec. 22, 1998
PP10730 Floribunda rose Plant named `Poulcape` Dec. 22, 1998
PP10729 Floribunda rose plant named `POULgret` Dec. 22, 1998
PP10728 Miniature rose plant named `POULobe` Dec. 22, 1998
PP10727 Miniature rose plant named `POULlute` Dec. 22, 1998
D403134 Apparatus for pressurized cleaning of refrigeration circuits in automobile vehicle engines Dec. 22, 1998
D403133 Stall cleaning fork Dec. 22, 1998
D403132 Pet restraining jacket Dec. 22, 1998
D403131 Poutry fountain Dec. 22, 1998
D403130 Bottle Dec. 22, 1998
D403129 Animal container for use on a truck bed Dec. 22, 1998
D403128 Headband for sound reduction headset Dec. 22, 1998
D403127 Glove Dec. 22, 1998
D403126 Sound reduction headset Dec. 22, 1998
D403125 Nylon covered anterior trunk support Dec. 22, 1998
D403124 Lipstick case Dec. 22, 1998
D403123 Container for perfumes and other toiletries Dec. 22, 1998
D403122 Cotton pad dispensing apparatus Dec. 22, 1998
D403121 Cosmetic organizer Dec. 22, 1998
D403120 Dental flossing sword Dec. 22, 1998
D403119 Shower back scrubber Dec. 22, 1998
D403118 Sea creature nail clipper Dec. 22, 1998
D403117 Ergonomic acrylic nail trimmer Dec. 22, 1998
D403116 Combination nail clipper and cover therefor Dec. 22, 1998
D403115 Electric hair cutter Dec. 22, 1998
D403114 Razor handle Dec. 22, 1998
D403113 Razor handle Dec. 22, 1998
D403112 Shaving cream dispensing razor Dec. 22, 1998
D403111 Flamingo-bill hair clip Dec. 22, 1998
D403110 Ridged flamingo bill hair clip Dec. 22, 1998
D403109 Hair clip with annular springs Dec. 22, 1998
D403108 Comb cutter Dec. 22, 1998
D403107 Integral plastic holder for rotatively supporting a lotion-applying sponge roller Dec. 22, 1998

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