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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D253693 Combined timepiece dial and hands therefor Dec. 18, 1979
D253692 Highway marker Dec. 18, 1979
D253691 Pressure gauge Dec. 18, 1979
D253690 Pressure gauge Dec. 18, 1979
D253689 Micrometer head Dec. 18, 1979
D253688 Friction wheel measuring device Dec. 18, 1979
D253687 Sail boat wind indicator Dec. 18, 1979
D253686 Control knob Dec. 18, 1979
D253685 Over the sink rinse basket Dec. 18, 1979
D253684 Solar stove Dec. 18, 1979
D253683 Portable outdoor cooking and body heater stove Dec. 18, 1979
D253682 Decal for culinary ware or the like Dec. 18, 1979
D253681 Decal for culinary ware or the like Dec. 18, 1979
D253679 Chair Dec. 18, 1979
D253678 Chair Dec. 18, 1979
D253677 Swivel chair Dec. 18, 1979
D253676 Belt fob Dec. 18, 1979
4179751 Memory apparatus for disaster preventing system Dec. 18, 1979
4179750 Magnetic bubble type D/A converter Dec. 18, 1979
4179749 Defect tolerant scheme for a bubble lattice file Dec. 18, 1979
4179748 Programmer and method of storing information therein and accessing information therefrom Dec. 18, 1979
4179747 Mailing system Dec. 18, 1979
4179746 Digital processor system with conditional carry and status function in arithmetic unit Dec. 18, 1979
4179745 Thermocouple linearizer circuit Dec. 18, 1979
4179744 Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of electric-traction-motor powered vehicles and e... Dec. 18, 1979
4179743 Automatic microfilm retrieval system Dec. 18, 1979
4179742 System for intelligently selecting the mode of control of a power plant Dec. 18, 1979
4179741 Magnetic compasses Dec. 18, 1979
4179740 Vehicle performance analyzer Dec. 18, 1979
4179739 Memory controlled process for railraod traffic management Dec. 18, 1979
4179738 Programmable control latch mechanism for a data processing system Dec. 18, 1979
4179737 Means and methods for providing greater speed and flexibility of microinstruction sequencing Dec. 18, 1979
4179736 Microprogrammed computer control unit capable of efficiently executing a large repertoire of ins... Dec. 18, 1979
4179735 Computer with an arrangement for changing its working environment Dec. 18, 1979
4179734 Floating point data processor having fast access memory means Dec. 18, 1979
4179733 Computer for control of communication signals Dec. 18, 1979
4179732 Microprogrammable processor control printer system Dec. 18, 1979
4179731 Microprogrammed control system Dec. 18, 1979
4179730 Self-optimizing control system for object with unimodal quality function Dec. 18, 1979
4179729 Rotary electric machine and power conversion system using same Dec. 18, 1979
4179728 Capacitor charging circuit Dec. 18, 1979
4179727 Control device for a pulse-width modulated inverter Dec. 18, 1979
4179726 Barn door lamp attachment Dec. 18, 1979
4179725 Conformally epoxy coated electrolyte capacitor having axial leads Dec. 18, 1979
4179724 Cabinets for electrical or electronic equipment Dec. 18, 1979
4179723 Kiosk unit Dec. 18, 1979
4179722 Sealed tunable capacitor Dec. 18, 1979
4179721 Tape recorder having playback retaining mechanism Dec. 18, 1979
4179720 Magnetic recorded information reproducing apparatus Dec. 18, 1979
4179719 Thin film magnetic head Dec. 18, 1979

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