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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE31104 Catalytic structure Dec. 14, 1982
RE31103 Crosslinking agent for polymers and wire construction utilizing crosslinked polymers Dec. 14, 1982
RE31101 Child resistant package Dec. 14, 1982
RE31100 Torque limitation device for a drum brake Dec. 14, 1982
PP4965 Plum tree Dec. 14, 1982
PP4964 Black walnut tree Dec. 14, 1982
D267283 Toy piggy bank Dec. 14, 1982
D267282 Sponge applicator, or the like Dec. 14, 1982
D267281 Grill cleaner device Dec. 14, 1982
D267280 Lamp shade Dec. 14, 1982
D267279 Torch Dec. 14, 1982
D267278 Torch Dec. 14, 1982
D267277 Window frame hinge member Dec. 14, 1982
D267276 Combined door and handle Dec. 14, 1982
D267275 Combined door and handle Dec. 14, 1982
D267274 Combined door and handle Dec. 14, 1982
D267273 Device for catching fecal samples when using a toilet stool Dec. 14, 1982
D267272 Combined island hydrotherapy spa and table therefor Dec. 14, 1982
D267271 Bathing pool Dec. 14, 1982
D267270 Drip chamber spike Dec. 14, 1982
D267269 Container for use in anaerobic bacteriology Dec. 14, 1982
D267268 Cast iron grate for solid fuel burning stoves and the like Dec. 14, 1982
D267267 Stove shield Dec. 14, 1982
D267266 Cast iron grate for coal burning stoves and the like Dec. 14, 1982
D267265 Fireplace insert with oven Dec. 14, 1982
D267264 Manure holding tank Dec. 14, 1982
D267263 Gun stock butt element Dec. 14, 1982
D267262 Inflatable float Dec. 14, 1982
D267261 Exercise bar Dec. 14, 1982
D267260 Toy carousel Dec. 14, 1982
D267259 Toy vehicle Dec. 14, 1982
D267258 Toy vehicle Dec. 14, 1982
D267257 Set of chess pieces Dec. 14, 1982
D267256 Combined clip and sliders for a writing instrument Dec. 14, 1982
D267255 Check Dec. 14, 1982
D267254 Control knob for office machines Dec. 14, 1982
D267253 Typewriting machine Dec. 14, 1982
D267252 Camera flash attachment Dec. 14, 1982
D267251 Briefcase microfiche reader Dec. 14, 1982
D267250 Tire stripping machine or the like Dec. 14, 1982
D267249 Transceiver for a car telephone set Dec. 14, 1982
D267248 Steering wheel, or the like Dec. 14, 1982
D267247 Tie down bracket for luggage rack Dec. 14, 1982
D267246 Tire Dec. 14, 1982
D267245 Motorcycle Dec. 14, 1982
D267244 Trailer body Dec. 14, 1982
D267243 Hospital supply cart Dec. 14, 1982
D267242 Stackable unit for a seed germinating device Dec. 14, 1982
D267241 Earring Dec. 14, 1982
D267240 Metal sculpture Dec. 14, 1982

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