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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38921 Phenoxyalkylcarboxylic acid derivatives and process for their preparations Dec. 13, 2005
RE38920 Injection molding nozzle screwed into a mounting base Dec. 13, 2005
RE38919 Injectable microfoam containing a sclerosing agent Dec. 13, 2005
RE38918 System and method for power-efficient charging and discharging of a capacitive load from a singl... Dec. 13, 2005
RE38917 Fluid filter with filter bypass valve and sealing surface on filter element side Dec. 13, 2005
PP16165 Verbena plant named `Pulena` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16164 Osteospermum plant named `Sekiin47` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16163 Ionocidium orchid plant named `Haruri` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16162 Andropogon plant named `Big Daddy` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16161 Lily plant named `Tiny Ghost` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16160 Apricot tree `H 1995 cv` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16159 Geranium plant named `Maestro Pink` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16158 .times.Heucherella plant named `Birthday Cake` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16157 Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `Miss Amber` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16156 Verbascum plant named `Plum Smokey` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16155 Hibiscus plant `Bahlibred` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16154 Climbing rose plant named `WEKwesflut` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16153 Angelonia plant named `Cart White` Dec. 13, 2005
PP16152 Portulaca plant named `Kakegawa CY4` Dec. 13, 2005
D512805 Wooden piggy bank Dec. 13, 2005
D512804 Mail collection device Dec. 13, 2005
D512803 Vacuum cleaner Dec. 13, 2005
D512802 Dish-washing machine Dec. 13, 2005
D512801 Moated pet-food bowl Dec. 13, 2005
D512800 Birdfeeder Dec. 13, 2005
D512799 Pet home Dec. 13, 2005
D512798 Toggle for container Dec. 13, 2005
D512797 Protective face shield lens Dec. 13, 2005
D512796 Hair clipper Dec. 13, 2005
D512795 One-piece shaving razor Dec. 13, 2005
D512794 Liquid and lotion applicator Dec. 13, 2005
D512793 Lamp support arm Dec. 13, 2005
D512792 Lighting fixture Dec. 13, 2005
D512791 Flashlight Dec. 13, 2005
D512790 Vehicle light Dec. 13, 2005
D512789 Fluorescent lamp Dec. 13, 2005
D512788 Halogen bulb Dec. 13, 2005
D512787 Curved ceiling panel Dec. 13, 2005
D512786 Baluster Dec. 13, 2005
D512785 Door edge with cover strip Dec. 13, 2005
D512784 Construction block Dec. 13, 2005
D512783 Vehicle ladder Dec. 13, 2005
D512782 Sectional overhead door Dec. 13, 2005
D512781 Baluster decoration Dec. 13, 2005
D512780 Spa shell Dec. 13, 2005
D512779 Multi-column therapeutic treatment device Dec. 13, 2005
D512778 Laryngoscope blade Dec. 13, 2005
D512777 Inhaler Dec. 13, 2005
D512776 Blade arm for a ceiling fan Dec. 13, 2005
D512775 Fire pit Dec. 13, 2005

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