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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D605157 Cellular phone Dec. 1, 2009
D605156 Mobile phone Dec. 1, 2009
D605155 Mobile phone Dec. 1, 2009
D605154 Mobile phone Dec. 1, 2009
D605153 Mobile phone Dec. 1, 2009
D605152 Handset Dec. 1, 2009
D605151 Television receiver Dec. 1, 2009
D605150 TV receiver Dec. 1, 2009
D605149 TV receiver Dec. 1, 2009
D605148 TV receiver Dec. 1, 2009
D605147 Television Dec. 1, 2009
D605146 Television Dec. 1, 2009
D605145 Videoconferencing device Dec. 1, 2009
D605144 Power controller backplane module Dec. 1, 2009
D605143 Power controller backplane module assembly Dec. 1, 2009
D605142 Light emitting diode illumination cell Dec. 1, 2009
D605141 Passive heat sink stand for electronic devices Dec. 1, 2009
D605140 Interface on a surface of a remote control for automobile vehicles Dec. 1, 2009
D605139 Outlet cover Dec. 1, 2009
D605138 Shell for electric connector Dec. 1, 2009
D605137 Multi-contact point terminal Dec. 1, 2009
D605136 Closed compression-type coaxial cable connector Dec. 1, 2009
D605135 Coaxial cable connector Dec. 1, 2009
D605134 Electrical connector Dec. 1, 2009
D605133 Electrical connector housing Dec. 1, 2009
D605132 Electrical connector Dec. 1, 2009
D605131 Cable connector assembly Dec. 1, 2009
D605130 Connector Dec. 1, 2009
D605129 Electrical cable connector Dec. 1, 2009
D605128 Interconnection device with separable interconnect Dec. 1, 2009
D605127 Module for optical wiring, connector for optical wiring, and connector for optical wiring with m... Dec. 1, 2009
D605126 Terminal connector Dec. 1, 2009
D605125 Mountable power strip Dec. 1, 2009
D605124 Mountable power strip Dec. 1, 2009
D605123 Mountable power strip Dec. 1, 2009
D605122 Mountable power strip Dec. 1, 2009
D605121 Electrical connector Dec. 1, 2009
D605120 Power controller cover with terminal block Dec. 1, 2009
D605119 Power controller cover Dec. 1, 2009
D605118 Battery connector Dec. 1, 2009
D605117 Battery connector Dec. 1, 2009
D605116 Key for releasing a battery pack from an at least partially electric vehicle Dec. 1, 2009
D605115 Rotor for wind turbines Dec. 1, 2009
D605114 Piezoelectric transformer Dec. 1, 2009
D605113 Remote control base station Dec. 1, 2009
D605112 Charger Dec. 1, 2009
D605111 Battery charger Dec. 1, 2009
D605110 Solar heater for swimming pools Dec. 1, 2009
D605109 Tire Dec. 1, 2009
D605108 Tire Dec. 1, 2009

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