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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE31343 Piperidine derivatives Aug. 9, 1983
RE31342 Piperidyl carboxylates Aug. 9, 1983
RE31341 Polytetrafluoroethylene fine powder and process for producing the same Aug. 9, 1983
RE31340 Process for the production of poly (polyisocyanate-polyol-alkali metal silicate) solid Aug. 9, 1983
RE31339 Process for producing elevated temperature corrosion resistant metal articles Aug. 9, 1983
RE31338 Pump assembly driven by endless conveyor Aug. 9, 1983
RE31337 Vehicle brake system Aug. 9, 1983
RE31336 Method for electrical connection of flat cables Aug. 9, 1983
PP5084 Juniperus scopulorum selection Aug. 9, 1983
PP5083 Hybrid tea rose named Yoko Aug. 9, 1983
PP5082 Rose plant JP-593 Aug. 9, 1983
PP5081 Miniature rose plant Aug. 9, 1983
D270108 Sheet material or similar article Aug. 9, 1983
D270107 Curtain material Aug. 9, 1983
D270106 Curtain material Aug. 9, 1983
D270105 Combined brush and scraper Aug. 9, 1983
D270104 Combination tool for a farrier Aug. 9, 1983
D270103 Hog holder Aug. 9, 1983
D270102 Dog stop collar Aug. 9, 1983
D270101 Small animal habitat Aug. 9, 1983
D270100 Toothpick Aug. 9, 1983
D270099 Pharmaceutical tablet Aug. 9, 1983
D270098 Cigarette lighter Aug. 9, 1983
D270097 Combined cigarette snuffer and holder Aug. 9, 1983
D270096 Vehicle light Aug. 9, 1983
D270095 Night light Aug. 9, 1983
D270094 Decorative slat assembly for a suspended ceiling or the like Aug. 9, 1983
D270093 Tundish liner board Aug. 9, 1983
D270092 Corrugated metal panel Aug. 9, 1983
D270091 Cover for colostomy or ileostomy pouch Aug. 9, 1983
D270090 Prosthesis implant tubular connector Aug. 9, 1983
D270089 Pump cassette for an IV pump apparatus Aug. 9, 1983
D270088 Portable smoke dissipation fan Aug. 9, 1983
D270087 External oven for a wood-burning stove Aug. 9, 1983
D270086 Fireplace or similar article Aug. 9, 1983
D270085 Stove having finned surface Aug. 9, 1983
D270084 Fireplace Aug. 9, 1983
D270083 Fireplace Aug. 9, 1983
D270082 Water circulating fireplace grate Aug. 9, 1983
D270081 Fishing reel Aug. 9, 1983
D270080 Fishing pole holder or the like Aug. 9, 1983
D270079 Rifle telescope mount Aug. 9, 1983
D270078 Cartridge case deflector Aug. 9, 1983
D270077 Molded game racket Aug. 9, 1983
D270076 Throwing toy Aug. 9, 1983
D270075 Electronic game housing Aug. 9, 1983
D270074 Information center display Aug. 9, 1983
D270073 Demonstrator for indicating the effect of additive in engine oil and the like Aug. 9, 1983
D270072 Puzzle booklet Aug. 9, 1983
D270071 Top, front and side faces of a text keyboard or similar article Aug. 9, 1983

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