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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
T102104 Scanning optical system adapted for linewidth measurement in semiconductor devices Aug. 3, 1982
T102103 Surge arrester insulating spacer device Aug. 3, 1982
T102102 Access controlled copier Aug. 3, 1982
T102101 Soft contact lenses resistant to opacification in use Aug. 3, 1982
RE31006 Process for the demonstration and determination of reaction components having specific binding a... Aug. 3, 1982
RE31005 Resilient plastic piston ring Aug. 3, 1982
RE31004 Electronic musical instrument utilizing data processing system Aug. 3, 1982
PP4872 Avocado tree Aug. 3, 1982
PP4871 Orchid plant Aug. 3, 1982
D265689 Masonry block Aug. 3, 1982
D265688 Construction beam Aug. 3, 1982
D265687 Expansion joint sealing strip for roadway joints and the like Aug. 3, 1982
D265686 Cast-in-place threshold structure for overhead door openings in building walls, and the like Aug. 3, 1982
D265685 Enclosure for toilet Aug. 3, 1982
D265684 Hypodermic needle destroyer Aug. 3, 1982
D265683 Windowed hook holder Aug. 3, 1982
D265682 Surgical laser Aug. 3, 1982
D265681 Ceiling fan Aug. 3, 1982
D265680 Coal stove Aug. 3, 1982
D265679 Shower stall Aug. 3, 1982
D265678 Bathtub Aug. 3, 1982
D265677 Portable reloader pedestal Aug. 3, 1982
D265676 Corner for lobster trap Aug. 3, 1982
D265675 Hand held skiing stabilizer or similar article Aug. 3, 1982
D265674 Guard for skate blade Aug. 3, 1982
D265673 Toy robot Aug. 3, 1982
D265672 Mechanical doll toy Aug. 3, 1982
D265671 Mechanical doll toy Aug. 3, 1982
D265670 Horseshoe puzzle Aug. 3, 1982
D265669 Toy space craft Aug. 3, 1982
D265668 Toy space vehicle Aug. 3, 1982
D265667 Toy space vehicle Aug. 3, 1982
D265666 Educational toy rattle Aug. 3, 1982
D265665 Rattle toy Aug. 3, 1982
D265664 Activity toy Aug. 3, 1982
D265663 Dice game box Aug. 3, 1982
D265662 Game board Aug. 3, 1982
D265661 Illuminated swivel top table usable as an ornamental display and/or game surface Aug. 3, 1982
D265660 Game table Aug. 3, 1982
D265659 Combined card file and curved top cards Aug. 3, 1982
D265658 Guitar Aug. 3, 1982
D265657 Camera attachment for taking three dimensional pictures Aug. 3, 1982
D265656 Electrophotographic copier Aug. 3, 1982
D265655 Electrostatic copier Aug. 3, 1982
D265654 Guide plate for a multiple spindle attachment for drilling and tapping machines Aug. 3, 1982
D265653 Beverage dispenser Aug. 3, 1982
D265652 Sewing machine Aug. 3, 1982
D265651 Color television receiver Aug. 3, 1982
D265650 Projection television receiver Aug. 3, 1982
D265649 Radio receiver Aug. 3, 1982

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