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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D275290 Mounting bracket assembly for an outboard motor Aug. 28, 1984
D275289 Mounting bracket assembly for an outboard motor Aug. 28, 1984
D275288 Elevator hoisting engine Aug. 28, 1984
D275287 CRT Monitor housing Aug. 28, 1984
D275286 Printer Aug. 28, 1984
D275285 Housing for a tabletop computer Aug. 28, 1984
D275284 Terminal Aug. 28, 1984
D275283 Satellite television antenna dish Aug. 28, 1984
D275282 Telephone Aug. 28, 1984
D275281 Telephone Aug. 28, 1984
D275280 Telephone Aug. 28, 1984
D275279 High density component mounting back panel for electronic equipment Aug. 28, 1984
D275278 Metal clad switchgear Aug. 28, 1984
D275277 Control console for ion exchange unit that regenerates photographic developers Aug. 28, 1984
D275276 Fairing vent Aug. 28, 1984
D275275 Roller suspended tool box for pickup trucks or the like Aug. 28, 1984
D275274 Vehicle tire Aug. 28, 1984
D275273 Bicycle Aug. 28, 1984
D275272 Truck tractor Aug. 28, 1984
D275271 Armored vehicle gun turret Aug. 28, 1984
D275270 Combined armored vehicle gun turret and control pit Aug. 28, 1984
D275269 Ornament Aug. 28, 1984
D275268 pH Meter, or the like Aug. 28, 1984
D275267 Bottle Aug. 28, 1984
D275266 Buckle and strap assembly Aug. 28, 1984
D275265 Snap-lock hanger for picture frame Aug. 28, 1984
D275264 Mounting bracket for attaching a sonar transducer to a boat stern Aug. 28, 1984
D275263 Cord reel Aug. 28, 1984
D275262 Device for securing load tie down ropes Aug. 28, 1984
D275261 Hammer Aug. 28, 1984
D275260 Glass cutter handler Aug. 28, 1984
D275259 Stapling machine Aug. 28, 1984
D275258 Emergency entrance tool Aug. 28, 1984
D275257 Nozzle unit for an industrial oven Aug. 28, 1984
D275256 Taco holder Aug. 28, 1984
D275255 Bowl Aug. 28, 1984
D275254 Tumbler or similar article Aug. 28, 1984
D275253 Mug or similar article Aug. 28, 1984
D275252 Tumbler or similar article Aug. 28, 1984
D275251 Corner bracket for picture frame or the like Aug. 28, 1984
D275250 Collapsible clip-on desk extension for a file cabinet Aug. 28, 1984
D275249 Cocktail table Aug. 28, 1984
D275248 Coat rack Aug. 28, 1984
D275247 Combined support rail and sliding locking brackets therefor for holding medical equipment Aug. 28, 1984
D275246 Dispenser for rolled paper Aug. 28, 1984
D275245 Support stand for electronic components Aug. 28, 1984
D275244 Chair Aug. 28, 1984
D275243 Upholstered settee Aug. 28, 1984
D275242 Stool Aug. 28, 1984
D275241 Handbag Aug. 28, 1984

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