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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE31655 Machine and method for vertical transportation of containers Aug. 28, 1984
RE31654 Anchor Aug. 28, 1984
RE31653 Electronic musical instrument of the harmonic synthesis type Aug. 28, 1984
RE31652 Method of producing a semiconductor device Aug. 28, 1984
PP5276 Peach tree (Honey Bee) Aug. 28, 1984
PP5275 Rose plant `Ginny` Aug. 28, 1984
PP5274 Miniature rose plant `Rosy Dawn` Aug. 28, 1984
D275333 Vacuum cleaner hose end fitting Aug. 28, 1984
D275332 Machine for washing glasses Aug. 28, 1984
D275331 Animal ear tag insecticide dispenser Aug. 28, 1984
D275330 Hair clip holder Aug. 28, 1984
D275329 Comb Aug. 28, 1984
D275328 Combined fan and torch Aug. 28, 1984
D275327 Compact fluorescent lamp unit Aug. 28, 1984
D275326 Protective sheet for a foundation wall, a floor or the like Aug. 28, 1984
D275325 Roof panel Aug. 28, 1984
D275324 Coupling for decorating purposes Aug. 28, 1984
D275323 Store front Aug. 28, 1984
D275322 Massage treatment table Aug. 28, 1984
D275321 Surgical tape applicator Aug. 28, 1984
D275320 Prosthetic gauge Aug. 28, 1984
D275319 Apparatus for collecting data on animal experiments Aug. 28, 1984
D275318 Apparatus for collecting data on animal experiment Aug. 28, 1984
D275317 Combined air ionizer and cleaner Aug. 28, 1984
D275316 Coupling assembly Aug. 28, 1984
D275315 Disposal strainer Aug. 28, 1984
D275314 Plumbing fitting Aug. 28, 1984
D275313 Pop-up sprinkler Aug. 28, 1984
D275312 Water filter Aug. 28, 1984
D275311 Float for swimming pool chlorine dispenser Aug. 28, 1984
D275310 Counter top water purifier Aug. 28, 1984
D275309 Regenerative unit for counter top water purifiers Aug. 28, 1984
D275308 Combined water storage tank and building Aug. 28, 1984
D275307 Combined water storage tank and building Aug. 28, 1984
D275306 Combined water storage tank and building Aug. 28, 1984
D275305 Compact holster Aug. 28, 1984
D275304 Cupola for cannon Aug. 28, 1984
D275303 Football tee Aug. 28, 1984
D275302 Hand-held resilient exercise block Aug. 28, 1984
D275301 Puzzle Aug. 28, 1984
D275300 Toy vehicle Aug. 28, 1984
D275299 Toy vehicle Aug. 28, 1984
D275298 Beta blocker demonstration housing or the like Aug. 28, 1984
D275297 Felt pen Aug. 28, 1984
D275296 Ink ribbon cartridge Aug. 28, 1984
D275295 Microfiche Aug. 28, 1984
D275294 Surveillance camera housing Aug. 28, 1984
D275293 Welding machine Aug. 28, 1984
D275292 Welding machine Aug. 28, 1984
D275291 Portable air compressor Aug. 28, 1984

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