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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35881 Method and system for traversing linked list record based upon write-once predetermined bit valu... Aug. 25, 1998
RE35880 Endocardial electrical mapping catheter and method Aug. 25, 1998
RE35879 Cleaning method using both wet and dry steam, and apparatus adapted therefor Aug. 25, 1998
RE35878 Variable capacity swash plate type refrigerant compressor having a double fulcrum hinge mechanis... Aug. 25, 1998
RE35877 Automatic light modulating camera Aug. 25, 1998
RE35876 Triaxial transmission line for transmitting two independent frequencies Aug. 25, 1998
RE35875 Container with sleeve interlocking latch Aug. 25, 1998
RE35874 LNG delivery system for gas powered vehicles Aug. 25, 1998
PP10576 `Mobuff buffalograss` Aug. 25, 1998
PP10575 Guzmania plant named Rumba Aug. 25, 1998
PP10574 Aglaonema plant named `Moonshine` Aug. 25, 1998
PP10573 Begonia plant named `Solenia Rosa` Aug. 25, 1998
PP10572 Poinsettia plant `Bright Red Freedom` Aug. 25, 1998
PP10571 Chrysanthemum plant named `Red Akron` Aug. 25, 1998
PP10570 African violet plant named `Paris` Aug. 25, 1998
PP10569 Canna plant named `Phasion` Aug. 25, 1998
PP10568 Azalea hybrid `Conled` Aug. 25, 1998
PP10567 Azalea hybrid variety named `Conlee` Aug. 25, 1998
PP10566 Floribunda rose plant named `Jacyesp` Aug. 25, 1998
PP10565 Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meiparos` Aug. 25, 1998
D397534 Elevated dish draining rack Aug. 25, 1998
D397533 Dog coat Aug. 25, 1998
D397532 Saddle attachment for protecting leg and calf Aug. 25, 1998
D397531 Pet water bottle Aug. 25, 1998
D397530 Hay saver Aug. 25, 1998
D397529 Hummingbird feeder Aug. 25, 1998
D397528 Off-shore fish feeder Aug. 25, 1998
D397527 Mineral block feeder for livestock and wildlife Aug. 25, 1998
D397526 Feeder for an animal cage Aug. 25, 1998
D397525 Combined bird perch and chain Aug. 25, 1998
D397524 Pet playhouse Aug. 25, 1998
D397523 Habitat for animals and plants Aug. 25, 1998
D397522 Aquarium Aug. 25, 1998
D397521 Aquarium Aug. 25, 1998
D397520 Aquarium tank Aug. 25, 1998
D397519 Protective mine clearance helmet Aug. 25, 1998
D397518 Case for powder Aug. 25, 1998
D397517 Manicure case with buffing file Aug. 25, 1998
D397516 Nail clipper Aug. 25, 1998
D397515 Nail file with elongated handle Aug. 25, 1998
D397514 Combined set of artificial nails and support therefor Aug. 25, 1998
D397513 Electric shaver Aug. 25, 1998
D397512 Razor handle Aug. 25, 1998
D397511 Hair accessory Aug. 25, 1998
D397510 Hair fastener Aug. 25, 1998
D397509 Combined wax depilator and base Aug. 25, 1998
D397508 Mobile bed/bath salon apparatus Aug. 25, 1998
D397507 Soap bar Aug. 25, 1998
D397506 Cigar cutter Aug. 25, 1998
D397505 Floor humidor Aug. 25, 1998

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