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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D549260 Video camera with digital video disc player Aug. 21, 2007
D549259 Angular gear Aug. 21, 2007
D549258 Isolator Aug. 21, 2007
D549257 Power transmission pulley Aug. 21, 2007
D549256 Apparatus for stuffing plush toys Aug. 21, 2007
D549255 Soldering iron tip Aug. 21, 2007
D549254 Bearing unit for a pump Aug. 21, 2007
D549253 Bearing housing for a pump Aug. 21, 2007
D549252 Bearing housing for a pump Aug. 21, 2007
D549251 Bearing housing for a pump Aug. 21, 2007
D549250 Bearing unit for a pump Aug. 21, 2007
D549249 End mill Aug. 21, 2007
D549248 Wiper blade Aug. 21, 2007
D549247 Huller Aug. 21, 2007
D549246 Evaporator assembly Aug. 21, 2007
D549245 Off highway mobile equipment cab Aug. 21, 2007
D549244 Endless track with pattern-covered surfaces Aug. 21, 2007
D549243 Fuel dispenser Aug. 21, 2007
D549242 Cylinder housing for air compressor Aug. 21, 2007
D549241 Portion of a recoil cover for an internal combustion engine Aug. 21, 2007
D549240 Outboard motor Aug. 21, 2007
D549239 MP3 player Aug. 21, 2007
D549238 Digital audio player Aug. 21, 2007
D549237 Media device Aug. 21, 2007
D549236 Icon for a portion of a display screen Aug. 21, 2007
D549235 Icon for a portion of a display screen Aug. 21, 2007
D549234 Icon for a portion of a display screen Aug. 21, 2007
D549233 Icon for a portion of a display screen Aug. 21, 2007
D549232 Stand for electronic equipment Aug. 21, 2007
D549231 Cover for an EMI shield assembly Aug. 21, 2007
D549230 Scanner Aug. 21, 2007
D549229 Optical pen with page-scrolling feature Aug. 21, 2007
D549228 Mouse Aug. 21, 2007
D549227 Foot operated mouse Aug. 21, 2007
D549226 Elastic connector Aug. 21, 2007
D549225 Optical pickup Aug. 21, 2007
D549224 Front cover of a handset Aug. 21, 2007
D549222 Earplug type earphone Aug. 21, 2007
D549221 Remote controller for semiconductor memory card player Aug. 21, 2007
D549220 Speaker Aug. 21, 2007
D549219 Portable speakers Aug. 21, 2007
D549218 Loudspeaker for a motorcycle Aug. 21, 2007
D549217 Convertible headset Aug. 21, 2007
D549216 Convertible headset Aug. 21, 2007
D549215 Headphones Aug. 21, 2007
D549214 Amplifier Aug. 21, 2007
D549213 Power amplifier Aug. 21, 2007
D549212 Combined radio receiver and clock Aug. 21, 2007
D549211 Visor voice recorder Aug. 21, 2007
D549210 Transmitter Aug. 21, 2007

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