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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D642742 Barrette organizer Aug. 2, 2011
D642741 Cosmetic holder Aug. 2, 2011
D642740 Haircutting appliance Aug. 2, 2011
D642739 Decorative hair retainer Aug. 2, 2011
D642738 Hair clip Aug. 2, 2011
D642737 Hair treatment device Aug. 2, 2011
D642736 Stand for a hair dryer Aug. 2, 2011
D642735 Hookah Aug. 2, 2011
D642734 Hookah Aug. 2, 2011
D642733 Hookah Aug. 2, 2011
D642732 Lighting fixture Aug. 2, 2011
D642731 Luminaire Aug. 2, 2011
D642730 Luminaire Aug. 2, 2011
D642729 Lens for an LED luminaire Aug. 2, 2011
D642728 Lamp Aug. 2, 2011
D642727 Luminaire Aug. 2, 2011
D642726 LED click light Aug. 2, 2011
D642725 LED lamp Aug. 2, 2011
D642724 Luminaire for road lighting Aug. 2, 2011
D642723 LED lamp Aug. 2, 2011
D642722 Lighting device Aug. 2, 2011
D642721 Flood light Aug. 2, 2011
D642720 Spotlight Aug. 2, 2011
D642719 Worklight Aug. 2, 2011
D642718 Worklight Aug. 2, 2011
D642717 Worklight Aug. 2, 2011
D642716 Lighting apparatus Aug. 2, 2011
D642715 Decorative lamp Aug. 2, 2011
D642714 Safety light Aug. 2, 2011
D642713 Flashlight Aug. 2, 2011
D642712 Front combination lamp for automobile Aug. 2, 2011
D642711 Taillight for a vehicle Aug. 2, 2011
D642710 Vehicle lamp Aug. 2, 2011
D642709 Night light device Aug. 2, 2011
D642708 Wall light device Aug. 2, 2011
D642707 Night light device Aug. 2, 2011
D642706 Swivel night light Aug. 2, 2011
D642705 Pull tab for removing solidified substance Aug. 2, 2011
D642704 Solid state light assembly Aug. 2, 2011
D642703 LED lighting apparatus Aug. 2, 2011
D642702 Tread cover Aug. 2, 2011
D642701 Multi-hinged, convertible greenhouse Aug. 2, 2011
D642700 Tree-like observation shield Aug. 2, 2011
D642699 Tree-like observation blind Aug. 2, 2011
D642698 Faucet mounted eyewash unit Aug. 2, 2011
D642697 Freezer box Aug. 2, 2011
D642696 Vibrating anesthesia device Aug. 2, 2011
D642695 Orthopedic boot Aug. 2, 2011
D642694 Anterior-thigh support Aug. 2, 2011
D642693 Bandage Aug. 2, 2011

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