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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35873 Shielded printed circuit card holder Aug. 18, 1998
RE35872 Superconducting detector assembly and apparatus utilizing same Aug. 18, 1998
RE35871 Water reclamation system and method Aug. 18, 1998
RE35870 Normed transport pallet Aug. 18, 1998
PP10564 Stevia plant named `RSIT 94-751` Aug. 18, 1998
PP10563 Stevia plant named `RSIT 95-166-13` Aug. 18, 1998
PP10562 Stevia plant named `RSIT 94-1306` Aug. 18, 1998
PP10561 Variety of geranium named `Drapin` Aug. 18, 1998
PP10560 African violet plant named `Monet` Aug. 18, 1998
PP10559 African violet plant named Leonardo da Vinci Aug. 18, 1998
PP10558 Japanese elm tree named `Discovery` Aug. 18, 1998
PP10557 Maackia amurensis plant named `Starburst` Aug. 18, 1998
PP10556 `FA 17` peach tree Aug. 18, 1998
PP10555 `FA 12` peach tree Aug. 18, 1998
PP10554 `FA 18` peach tree Aug. 18, 1998
PP10553 Miniature rose plant named `Meicaflon` Aug. 18, 1998
PP10552 Miniature rose plant named `Meiprovan` Aug. 18, 1998
D397234 Spotlight Aug. 18, 1998
D397233 Solar-powered area light Aug. 18, 1998
D397232 Combined tabbed roofing and siding shingle Aug. 18, 1998
D397231 Swimming pool coping having a facia with a compound curvature Aug. 18, 1998
D397230 Front face of a retaining wall Aug. 18, 1998
D397229 Ladder tool caddy Aug. 18, 1998
D397228 Step ladder Aug. 18, 1998
D397227 Deer mount support Aug. 18, 1998
D397226 Ribbed collection tube Aug. 18, 1998
D397225 Combined leg massager and control Aug. 18, 1998
D397224 Finger massager Aug. 18, 1998
D397223 Launching implement for medical device using electromagnetic waves to promote blood circulation Aug. 18, 1998
D397222 Gauntlet for prevention of lymphedema Aug. 18, 1998
D397221 Heart rate monitor Aug. 18, 1998
D397220 Orthopaedic alignment tool Aug. 18, 1998
D397219 Brush head for a tongue hygiene brush Aug. 18, 1998
D397218 Surgical septal piercing instrument Aug. 18, 1998
D397217 Isotope shield Aug. 18, 1998
D397216 Baby medication dispenser Aug. 18, 1998
D397215 Face mask without an inflatable cuff Aug. 18, 1998
D397214 Water closet Aug. 18, 1998
D397213 Sink Aug. 18, 1998
D397212 Joint for pipe structure Aug. 18, 1998
D397211 Joint for pipe structure Aug. 18, 1998
D397210 Tapping fixture Aug. 18, 1998
D397208 Table lamp Aug. 18, 1998
D397207 Faucet Aug. 18, 1998
D397206 Single handle faucet Aug. 18, 1998
D397205 Faucet Aug. 18, 1998
D397204 Advertising carrying body for use on a filler gun Aug. 18, 1998
D397203 Lawn sprinkler Aug. 18, 1998
D397202 Air conditioner duct Aug. 18, 1998
D397201 Air filter grill Aug. 18, 1998

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