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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38777 Dual battery power system for an implantable cardioverter defibrillator with voltage booster Aug. 16, 2005
RE38776 Surgical biopsy instrument Aug. 16, 2005
RE38775 Electrode with improved signal to noise ratio Aug. 16, 2005
RE38774 Means for moveable bills or brims of caps and hats Aug. 16, 2005
PP15924 Guzmania plant named `Holiday` Aug. 16, 2005
PP15923 Verbena plant named `Kleve03327` Aug. 16, 2005
PP15922 New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balcebpiel` Aug. 16, 2005
PP15921 Agastache plant named `After Eight` Aug. 16, 2005
D508600 Electronic lockbox Aug. 16, 2005
D508599 Casket Aug. 16, 2005
D508598 Combined escalator comb and floor plate Aug. 16, 2005
D508597 Frame for a collapsible wheel barrow Aug. 16, 2005
D508596 Caddy for container Aug. 16, 2005
D508595 Waste container stabilizer Aug. 16, 2005
D508594 Waste can Aug. 16, 2005
D508593 Combination electric suction and collection household appliance Aug. 16, 2005
D508592 Pet toy Aug. 16, 2005
D508591 Combined pet leash and collar Aug. 16, 2005
D508590 Double jointed horse-bit mouthpiece Aug. 16, 2005
D508589 Birdcage attachment Aug. 16, 2005
D508588 Sports sweat pad with hook and loop fastener Aug. 16, 2005
D508587 Callus safety shaver Aug. 16, 2005
D508586 Cosmetic appliance Aug. 16, 2005
D508585 Portable hair dryer Aug. 16, 2005
D508584 Light fixture Aug. 16, 2005
D508583 Light fixture Aug. 16, 2005
D508582 Compact light assembly Aug. 16, 2005
D508581 Solar powered outdoor light Aug. 16, 2005
D508580 Solar powered light cross Aug. 16, 2005
D508579 Light Aug. 16, 2005
D508578 Spotlight Aug. 16, 2005
D508577 Lamps Aug. 16, 2005
D508576 Beer mug light Aug. 16, 2005
D508575 Tungsten halogen lamp Aug. 16, 2005
D508574 Solid state lighting module Aug. 16, 2005
D508573 Light source Aug. 16, 2005
D508572 Post and handrail support Aug. 16, 2005
D508571 Deck clamped standard Aug. 16, 2005
D508570 Masking strip design Aug. 16, 2005
D508569 Tree-mounted hunting blind Aug. 16, 2005
D508568 Outdoor enclosure Aug. 16, 2005
D508567 Door facing Aug. 16, 2005
D508566 Exercising device Aug. 16, 2005
D508565 Data collection unit Aug. 16, 2005
D508564 Surgical tool for measuring a vagus nerve size Aug. 16, 2005
D508563 Teeth whitening mouthpiece Aug. 16, 2005
D508562 Ceiling fan blade Aug. 16, 2005
D508561 Ventilation grid for power supply housing Aug. 16, 2005
D508560 Impeller Aug. 16, 2005
D508559 Air freshening device Aug. 16, 2005

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