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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D349663 Bouquet holder Aug. 16, 1994
D349662 Combined transmitter and receiver for locating lost remote control units Aug. 16, 1994
D349661 Water meter housing Aug. 16, 1994
D349660 Fluid flow meter Aug. 16, 1994
D349659 Tire pressure indicator Aug. 16, 1994
D349658 Electronic voltage tester Aug. 16, 1994
D349657 Transit Aug. 16, 1994
D349656 Straight edge coil cutter Aug. 16, 1994
D349655 Combination finger and ring sizing device Aug. 16, 1994
D349654 Watch Aug. 16, 1994
D349653 Watch case Aug. 16, 1994
D349652 Combination clock and smoke detector Aug. 16, 1994
D349651 Container Aug. 16, 1994
D349650 Bottle cap Aug. 16, 1994
D349649 Dispenser assembly Aug. 16, 1994
D349648 Closure for vials Aug. 16, 1994
D349647 Container cap Aug. 16, 1994
D349646 Storage container with hinged lid Aug. 16, 1994
D349645 Carton with a sliding lid Aug. 16, 1994
D349644 Tablet dispensing container Aug. 16, 1994
D349643 Combined container and cap Aug. 16, 1994
D349642 Pump spray bottle Aug. 16, 1994
D349641 Hook Aug. 16, 1994
D349640 Wall mountable support bracket Aug. 16, 1994
D349639 Mounting bracket for displaying firearms Aug. 16, 1994
D349638 Lock for pickup truck rear window Aug. 16, 1994
D349637 Plunge router Aug. 16, 1994
D349636 Horseshoe nippers Aug. 16, 1994
D349635 Tool handle connector Aug. 16, 1994
D349634 Cutting line for a rotating line trimmer Aug. 16, 1994
D349633 Lunch box Aug. 16, 1994
D349632 Collectible race car cookie jar Aug. 16, 1994
D349631 Styrofoam ice chest Aug. 16, 1994
D349630 Styrofoam ice chest Aug. 16, 1994
D349629 Styrofoam ice chest Aug. 16, 1994
D349628 Pivot top cooler Aug. 16, 1994
D349627 Drinking glass Aug. 16, 1994
D349626 Drinking glass Aug. 16, 1994
D349625 Combined beach towel and inflatable headrest Aug. 16, 1994
D349624 Endcap Aug. 16, 1994
D349623 Headboard Aug. 16, 1994
D349622 Motorized side rail for hospital beds Aug. 16, 1994
D349621 Chair arm Aug. 16, 1994
D349620 Portable footrest for chairlifts Aug. 16, 1994
D349619 Table base Aug. 16, 1994
D349618 Coffee table Aug. 16, 1994
D349617 Salad bar with fan Aug. 16, 1994
D349616 Cedar chest Aug. 16, 1994
D349615 Module used to form a holding tray for floral delivery Aug. 16, 1994
D349614 Bed Aug. 16, 1994

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