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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
T101702 Textile sizing compositions Apr. 6, 1982
T101701 Portable programmable calculator Apr. 6, 1982
RE30898 Infrared laser system Apr. 6, 1982
RE30897 Electrophotographic copying apparatus with gas evacuating means Apr. 6, 1982
RE30896 Aircraft undercarriage suspension Apr. 6, 1982
RE30895 Filter paper dispenser Apr. 6, 1982
RE30894 Oscillating piston apparatus Apr. 6, 1982
RE30893 Method of vacuum packaging compressible materials and apparatus Apr. 6, 1982
PP4836 Nerium indicum--Little Red variety Apr. 6, 1982
PP4835 Light pink miniature rose Apr. 6, 1982
D263764 Animal identification disk and the like Apr. 6, 1982
D263763 Animal feeder Apr. 6, 1982
D263762 Lamp base Apr. 6, 1982
D263761 Light fixture Apr. 6, 1982
D263760 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263759 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263758 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263757 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263756 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263755 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263754 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263753 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263752 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263751 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263750 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263749 Sunroof panel seal Apr. 6, 1982
D263748 Window component extrusion Apr. 6, 1982
D263747 Nose straightener Apr. 6, 1982
D263746 Flexible container for medical liquids Apr. 6, 1982
D263745 Design for surgical instrument holder Apr. 6, 1982
D263744 Cast cutter Apr. 6, 1982
D263743 Tongue depressor Apr. 6, 1982
D263742 Dental handpiece wrench Apr. 6, 1982
D263741 Test device Apr. 6, 1982
D263740 Miniature cardiotachometer or the like Apr. 6, 1982
D263739 Amalgamator Apr. 6, 1982
D263738 Mist eliminator blade for air handling systems Apr. 6, 1982
D263737 Ventilating hood for an electroplating tank Apr. 6, 1982
D263736 Front panel for an air conditioning unit Apr. 6, 1982
D263735 Stovepipe adaptor for a fireplace damper Apr. 6, 1982
D263734 Metal extrusion for an electric heating element Apr. 6, 1982
D263733 Kitchen module Apr. 6, 1982
D263732 Rifle telescope mount Apr. 6, 1982
D263731 Roller skate plate Apr. 6, 1982
D263730 Connector bracket for a collapsible tent frame Apr. 6, 1982
D263729 Tennis racket Apr. 6, 1982
D263728 Adjustable exercise bench Apr. 6, 1982
D263727 Toy spaceship Apr. 6, 1982
D263726 Playing spinning disc indicator Apr. 6, 1982
D263725 Table top golf game board Apr. 6, 1982

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