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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38719 Adjust bit determining circuit Apr. 5, 2005
PP15713 Spathiphyllum plant named `Junior` Apr. 5, 2005
PP15712 Floribunda rose plant named `KORsuflabe` Apr. 5, 2005
PP15711 Angelonia plant named `Cart Depink` Apr. 5, 2005
PP15710 Chrysanthemum plant named `Vamp Time Bronze` Apr. 5, 2005
H2116 Method for detecting, locating, and characterizing single and multiple fluid-filled fractures in... Apr. 5, 2005
D503845 Portions of a post for supporting mail boxes Apr. 5, 2005
D503844 Portions of a post supported mail box Apr. 5, 2005
D503843 Mailbox door Apr. 5, 2005
D503842 Grave marker with flag holder Apr. 5, 2005
D503841 Chain link conveyor structure Apr. 5, 2005
D503840 Stamped pattern on a storage cabinet Apr. 5, 2005
D503839 Stamped pattern on a modular cabinet door Apr. 5, 2005
D503838 Dolly for transporting a plow Apr. 5, 2005
D503837 Hose cart Apr. 5, 2005
D503836 Cleaning head Apr. 5, 2005
D503835 Electric washing machine with clothes dryer Apr. 5, 2005
D503834 Mounting bracket Apr. 5, 2005
D503833 Combined self-contained water fountain and aquarium Apr. 5, 2005
D503832 Fire extinguisher housing and stand Apr. 5, 2005
D503831 Container Apr. 5, 2005
D503830 Cosmetic container Apr. 5, 2005
D503829 Cosmetic container Apr. 5, 2005
D503828 Lotion applicator Apr. 5, 2005
D503827 Scalloped cigarette packet Apr. 5, 2005
D503826 Light fixture ballast Apr. 5, 2005
D503825 Lamp Apr. 5, 2005
D503824 Lighting fixture Apr. 5, 2005
D503823 Light fixture Apr. 5, 2005
D503822 Side light Apr. 5, 2005
D503821 Ceiling lamp Apr. 5, 2005
D503820 Luminaire Apr. 5, 2005
D503819 Ceiling fan light fixture Apr. 5, 2005
D503818 Lighting device Apr. 5, 2005
D503817 Portable light source Apr. 5, 2005
D503816 Vehicle rear end tail light Apr. 5, 2005
D503815 Night light Apr. 5, 2005
D503814 Fluorescent lamp Apr. 5, 2005
D503813 Post base ring Apr. 5, 2005
D503812 Sash with liftrail for a window Apr. 5, 2005
D503811 Sectional overhead door Apr. 5, 2005
D503810 Sectional overhead door Apr. 5, 2005
D503809 Sectional overhead door Apr. 5, 2005
D503808 Microbial colony counter Apr. 5, 2005
D503807 Electrotherapy and/or ultrasound therapy product console Apr. 5, 2005
D503806 Knee strap Apr. 5, 2005
D503805 Facial portion of an orthodontic appliance Apr. 5, 2005
D503804 Control panel for dental x-ray machine Apr. 5, 2005
D503803 Endosteal dental implant Apr. 5, 2005
D503802 Prosthesis liner Apr. 5, 2005

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