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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30917 Two-phase charge transfer device image sensor Apr. 27, 1982
RE30916 Wand turn-on control Apr. 27, 1982
RE30915 Aperture interlocking device for a single lens reflex camera of the interchangeable viewfinder t... Apr. 27, 1982
RE30914 Truck frame alignment apparatus Apr. 27, 1982
RE30913 Safety razor with flexible blade cartridge Apr. 27, 1982
RE30912 Stent for heart valve Apr. 27, 1982
PP4842 Poinsettia named Topwhite Apr. 27, 1982
PP4841 Climbing Caribia Apr. 27, 1982
D264139 Surface cleaning nozzle Apr. 27, 1982
D264138 Hay bale feeder Apr. 27, 1982
D264137 Curler Apr. 27, 1982
D264136 Ceiling lamp Apr. 27, 1982
D264135 Luminaire Apr. 27, 1982
D264134 Disposable cassette for use in a peristaltic pump Apr. 27, 1982
D264133 Flexible stylet Apr. 27, 1982
D264132 Flexible stylet Apr. 27, 1982
D264131 Medical multiport valve cock Apr. 27, 1982
D264130 Baby bottle holder Apr. 27, 1982
D264129 Hydrotherapy spa Apr. 27, 1982
D264128 Patient monitor or the like Apr. 27, 1982
D264127 Medical culture bottle Apr. 27, 1982
D264126 Dental accessory cabinet Apr. 27, 1982
D264125 Dental pin Apr. 27, 1982
D264124 Sterilizer Apr. 27, 1982
D264123 Sterilizer Apr. 27, 1982
D264122 Electrosurgical generator Apr. 27, 1982
D264121 Fire combustor Apr. 27, 1982
D264120 Cover for heat insulating material around elbow or the like Apr. 27, 1982
D264119 Heat pump Apr. 27, 1982
D264118 Stove Apr. 27, 1982
D264117 Freestanding fireplace Apr. 27, 1982
D264116 Drain pipe Apr. 27, 1982
D264115 Practice putting cup Apr. 27, 1982
D264114 Miniature practice range for practice type golf balls Apr. 27, 1982
D264113 Water ski Apr. 27, 1982
D264112 Water ski Apr. 27, 1982
D264111 Accessory housing for skate, skateboard, bicycle or the like Apr. 27, 1982
D264110 Monster wagon Apr. 27, 1982
D264109 Toy action figure Apr. 27, 1982
D264108 Toy railway track section Apr. 27, 1982
D264107 Toy car Apr. 27, 1982
D264106 Toy truck Apr. 27, 1982
D264105 Skateboard scooter Apr. 27, 1982
D264104 Toy rattle Apr. 27, 1982
D264103 Pocket size racing game box Apr. 27, 1982
D264102 Play mat Apr. 27, 1982
D264101 Hand-held electronic game housing or the like Apr. 27, 1982
D264100 Hand-held electronic baseball game housing or the like Apr. 27, 1982
D264099 Electronic hand-held space battle game housing or the like Apr. 27, 1982
D264098 Pocket size game box Apr. 27, 1982

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