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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38730 Automatic multiple-decanting centrifuge and method of treating physiological fluids Apr. 26, 2005
RE38729 Combination of an electric-powered tool and an illuminating device received in the tool Apr. 26, 2005
PP15740 Shrub rose plant named `BAInder` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15739 Shrub rose plant named `BAIsist` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15738 Shrub rose plant named `BAIoist` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15737 Shrub rose plant named `BAIcker` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15736 Shrub rose plant named `BAIeam` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15735 Verbascum plant named `Jackie in Pink` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15734 Dracaena plant named `Norjim` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15733 Calla lily plant named `Crackerjack` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15732 Euphorbia milii plant named `Rhea` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15731 Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Agoura` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15730 Rose plant named `POULen005` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15729 Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsamano` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15728 Black walnut tree named `Beineke 9` Apr. 26, 2005
PP15727 Chrysanthemum plant named `Redock Salmon` Apr. 26, 2005
D504550 Coin tube organizer Apr. 26, 2005
D504549 Desktop change holder and wall mount Apr. 26, 2005
D504548 Upper housing for a vacuum cleaner Apr. 26, 2005
D504547 Hummingbird feeder shade Apr. 26, 2005
D504546 Canine relief station having watering outlet with internal water reservoir Apr. 26, 2005
D504545 Pet food dispenser Apr. 26, 2005
D504544 Insulating glove Apr. 26, 2005
D504543 Safety helmet Apr. 26, 2005
D504542 Cosmetic container Apr. 26, 2005
D504541 Hair curling heater Apr. 26, 2005
D504540 Combined hand-held lotion applicator and cover Apr. 26, 2005
D504539 Dentifrice Apr. 26, 2005
D504538 Floor lamp Apr. 26, 2005
D504537 Ceiling fan light kit Apr. 26, 2005
D504536 Luminaire Apr. 26, 2005
D504535 Torch Apr. 26, 2005
D504534 Flashlight Apr. 26, 2005
D504533 Handheld spotlight Apr. 26, 2005
D504532 Utility light Apr. 26, 2005
D504531 Rechargeable light Apr. 26, 2005
D504530 Flashlight Apr. 26, 2005
D504529 Handheld flashlight Apr. 26, 2005
D504528 Tail light assembly for a motorcycle Apr. 26, 2005
D504527 Candle cover Apr. 26, 2005
D504526 Slot track Apr. 26, 2005
D504525 Embossed panel Apr. 26, 2005
D504524 Anti-slip rail Apr. 26, 2005
D504523 Tubular framework connection system Apr. 26, 2005
D504522 Flood barrier element Apr. 26, 2005
D504521 Sectional overhead door Apr. 26, 2005
D504520 Sectional overhead door Apr. 26, 2005
D504519 Collapsible enclosure Apr. 26, 2005
D504518 Arm elevation sling Apr. 26, 2005
D504517 Medical support belt Apr. 26, 2005

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