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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4151478 Nonlinearly variable gain apparatus Apr. 24, 1979
4151477 Tone control circuit Apr. 24, 1979
4151476 Magnetic bubble traveling wave amplifier Apr. 24, 1979
4151475 Compensation circuit for multi-path propagation distortion in binary frequency modulated signals Apr. 24, 1979
4151474 Variable bandwidth pass-band filter Apr. 24, 1979
4151473 Phase detector circuit Apr. 24, 1979
4151472 Selective calling circuit employing controlled power supply therefor Apr. 24, 1979
4151471 System for reducing noise transients Apr. 24, 1979
4151470 Combined portable tape recorder and stereophonic receiver system Apr. 24, 1979
4151469 Apparatus equipped with a transmitting and receiving station for generating, converting and tran... Apr. 24, 1979
4151468 Microphone holder attachment and switch control therefor Apr. 24, 1979
4151467 Switched microphone hang-up bracket Apr. 24, 1979
4151466 Digital speedometer with index counter control of display Apr. 24, 1979
4151465 Variable flexure test probe for microelectronic circuits Apr. 24, 1979
4151464 Integrating voltage to frequency converter and memory decoder Apr. 24, 1979
4151463 Phase locked loop indicator Apr. 24, 1979
4151462 Electrical test probe having a spring biased clip with an extendable and retractable tip movable... Apr. 24, 1979
4151461 Tester of dry dielectric strength for insulated electric cable Apr. 24, 1979
4151460 High resistance ground fault detector and locator for polyphase electrical systems Apr. 24, 1979
4151459 Method of and apparatus for the localizing of security line faults for ski lifts and the like Apr. 24, 1979
4151458 Closely spaced pipe-to-soil electrical survey method and apparatus Apr. 24, 1979
4151457 Microwave method and apparatus for determination of adsorbed fluid in subsurface formations Apr. 24, 1979
4151456 Voltage regulator for battery power source Apr. 24, 1979
4151455 Divided housing unipolar dynamoelectric machine Apr. 24, 1979
4151454 Remaining capacity detector of a battery Apr. 24, 1979
4151453 Induction motor control system Apr. 24, 1979
4151452 Synchro drive Apr. 24, 1979
4151451 Graphic input controlled automatic positioning system Apr. 24, 1979
4151450 Protective means for feeder of machinery with DC-motor Apr. 24, 1979
4151449 Positioning control apparatus Apr. 24, 1979
4151448 Pulse motor driving system Apr. 24, 1979
4151447 Linear motor Apr. 24, 1979
4151446 Electronic flash apparatus Apr. 24, 1979
4151445 Instant light lamp control circuit Apr. 24, 1979
4151444 Voltage switching circuit for a color display system Apr. 24, 1979
4151443 Luminescent materials and discharge lamp containing the same Apr. 24, 1979
4151442 Color television cathode ray tube Apr. 24, 1979
4151441 Cathode support means in electron gun structure of a cathode ray tube Apr. 24, 1979
4151440 Cathode heater assembly for electron discharge device Apr. 24, 1979
4151439 Vehicle light bulb with extending electrical wires Apr. 24, 1979
4151438 Distributed electrical leads for thermionic converter Apr. 24, 1979
4151437 Piezoelectric transducers and acoustic antennas which can be immersed to a great depth Apr. 24, 1979
4151436 Electrical insulator for slotted magnetic cores Apr. 24, 1979
4151435 Stator structure using forming curved wafer thin magnets from rare earth-cobalt alloy powders Apr. 24, 1979
4151434 Casting assembly for stator coils and method Apr. 24, 1979
4151433 Cooled spiral winding for electrical rotating machine stator Apr. 24, 1979
4151432 Production of ferrites for magnetostrictive vibrators Apr. 24, 1979
4151431 Permanent magnet motor Apr. 24, 1979
4151430 Dynamoelectric machine structures Apr. 24, 1979
4151429 Differential charge sensing circuit for MOS devices Apr. 24, 1979

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