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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35775 Zoom lens with short back focal length Apr. 21, 1998
RE35774 Remote link adapter for use in TV broadcast data transmission system Apr. 21, 1998
RE35773 Electrorhelogical fluid Apr. 21, 1998
RE35772 Solenoid system for, for example, a brake/shift interlock for vehicular transmission control Apr. 21, 1998
PP10351 Bromeliad plant named `Guz 218` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10350 Geranium plant named `Fispur` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10349 Geranium named `Clips Light Lav` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10348 Alstroemeria plant named `Straprimon` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10347 Alstroemeria plant variety named `Staprimil` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10346 Alstroemeria plant variety named `Staprizsa` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10345 Double Impatiens plant named `Tioga White` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10344 Carnation plant named `CFPC Halo` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10343 Brachycome plant named `Toucan Tango` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10342 Osteospermum plant named `Cape Daisy Congo` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10341 Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Sonja` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10340 Osteospermum plant named `Cape Daisy Nairobi` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10339 Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Girl` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10338 Osteospermum plant named `Cape Daisy Volta` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10337 Osteospermum plant named `Cape Daisy Lusaka` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10336 Osteospermum plant named `Cape Daisy Zimba` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10335 Taxus cuspidata cv. `Monloo` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10334 Floribunda rose plant named `Wekcalroc` Apr. 21, 1998
PP10333 Miniature rose plant named `Keldaz` Apr. 21, 1998
D393734 Lighting fixture Apr. 21, 1998
D393733 Lighting fixture Apr. 21, 1998
D393732 Adjustable lamp Apr. 21, 1998
D393731 Combined torchiere lamp, table, and task lights Apr. 21, 1998
D393730 Flashlight Apr. 21, 1998
D393729 Vehicle lamp Apr. 21, 1998
D393728 Automatic headlight dimmer Apr. 21, 1998
D393727 Interlocking paving stone Apr. 21, 1998
D393726 Set of decorative stepping members Apr. 21, 1998
D393725 House facade Apr. 21, 1998
D393724 Garden shed Apr. 21, 1998
D393723 Device for the relief of menstrual discomforts and for the relief of chronic inflammation of pro... Apr. 21, 1998
D393722 Locking blunt cannula Apr. 21, 1998
D393721 Cleaning device for contact lens Apr. 21, 1998
D393720 Foot massager Apr. 21, 1998
D393719 Ice pack wrap for treatment of injuries Apr. 21, 1998
D393718 Cervical collar Apr. 21, 1998
D393717 Lancet endcap pointer Apr. 21, 1998
D393716 Lancet endcap Apr. 21, 1998
D393715 Optical fiber handpiece Apr. 21, 1998
D393714 Combined I.V. pole tubing anchor/needle re-sheather for winged needles Apr. 21, 1998
D393713 Diaper with disposal bag Apr. 21, 1998
D393712 Sanitary napkin Apr. 21, 1998
D393711 Combined ceiling fan motor housing, switch housing, and blade irons unit Apr. 21, 1998
D393710 Combined housing, globe and blade irons unit for a ceiling fan Apr. 21, 1998
D393709 Air duct Apr. 21, 1998
D393708 Heat register Apr. 21, 1998

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