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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30911 Optical scanning and encoding device Apr. 20, 1982
RE30910 Reducing cholesterol levels Apr. 20, 1982
RE30909 Siloxane-tin coatings and their use for protecting materials from growth of pestiferous organism... Apr. 20, 1982
RE30908 Cutting insert Apr. 20, 1982
RE30907 Cooling device for sewing machines Apr. 20, 1982
RE30906 Envelope generator Apr. 20, 1982
RE30905 Multi-section telescopic boom Apr. 20, 1982
PP4840 Rose plant Apr. 20, 1982
PP4839 Spur-type Red Delicious Apple tree Apr. 20, 1982
D264014 Tote tray Apr. 20, 1982
D264013 Support stand for a mailbox or similar article Apr. 20, 1982
D264012 Teller machine module Apr. 20, 1982
D264011 Vacuum cleaner hose adapter Apr. 20, 1982
D264010 Portable nozzle mount for firefighting nozzle Apr. 20, 1982
D264009 Combined pocket lamp, mirror and comb Apr. 20, 1982
D264008 Electrical component tray for a luminaire Apr. 20, 1982
D264007 Spotlight fitting Apr. 20, 1982
D264006 Combined lamp and planter Apr. 20, 1982
D264005 Phonograph light Apr. 20, 1982
D264004 Adapter for candlesticks Apr. 20, 1982
D264003 Interlock crib Apr. 20, 1982
D264002 Skeletal panel or similar article Apr. 20, 1982
D264001 Prefabricated wall construction unit for houses Apr. 20, 1982
D264000 Window component extrusion Apr. 20, 1982
D263999 Infant teething toy Apr. 20, 1982
D263998 Body massage appliance Apr. 20, 1982
D263997 Infusion pump apparatus Apr. 20, 1982
D263996 X-ray film processor Apr. 20, 1982
D263995 Crash cart for hospitals Apr. 20, 1982
D263994 Wood burning stove or similar article Apr. 20, 1982
D263993 Wood burning stove insert for fireplace Apr. 20, 1982
D263992 Lugged annular coupling Apr. 20, 1982
D263991 Combined lavatory spout and drain control Apr. 20, 1982
D263990 Combined toilet trip lever and escutcheon Apr. 20, 1982
D263989 Combined shower handle and escutcheon Apr. 20, 1982
D263988 Artificial fishing lure Apr. 20, 1982
D263987 Pellet holder Apr. 20, 1982
D263986 Bush knife or the like Apr. 20, 1982
D263985 Tent Apr. 20, 1982
D263984 Canopy for use with vehicle or the like Apr. 20, 1982
D263983 Child's outdoor play gym Apr. 20, 1982
D263982 Buoyant amusement device Apr. 20, 1982
D263981 Water sled Apr. 20, 1982
D263980 Golf club head Apr. 20, 1982
D263979 Slow pitch softball pitcher's aid Apr. 20, 1982
D263978 Physical exerciser Apr. 20, 1982
D263977 Toy dump truck Apr. 20, 1982
D263976 Playing card Apr. 20, 1982
D263975 Gaming table Apr. 20, 1982
D263974 Game playing board Apr. 20, 1982

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